What can I sprinkle or put in my yard to keep other peoples pets from pooping in my yard

what can I put in my yard to keep people's pets that they let out from Pooping in my yard I don't want to hurt them or make them sick I just want to stop them from pooping in my yard i'm tried of cleaning up stinking poop that is other peoples pets Is there something that cats and dogs don't like the smell of that will not kill the grass?
Asked Aug 21, 2012
Draw an chalk outline of a dog on the sidewalk, put a little pile of poop behind it and surround it with yellow crime scene tape. :-)
Answered Aug 21, 2012
Thank you
jazz70 Aug 21, 2012
Sorry, I was just joking. Seriously, pet stores both on line and local sell "dog repellants" that produce an odor dogs aren't supposed to like but I've never used them.
Rob Aug 21, 2012
cooper wire cut into litte peices they hate the smell I think
Answered Aug 21, 2012
try... atomic bombs :-)
Answered Aug 23, 2012

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