Someone help me pls, I'm so in love with a girl.

Hello friends, hope you can help me with my prob...
I'm a girl and I fall in love with a special friend.. We know each other for only one year but I had a strong feeling that I love her when we first talked to each other. Plus, I had always been straight before. (and we're both 16.)
I tried to get close. She is a reticent person but she did open up to me. I learnt that she never had a boyfriend or loved anyone at all. She said she needed no one's help. Also she seemed to enjoy being all alone, really. But there was a time we were close. We did nothing I mean, not even holding hands, but I never cared that much about anyone before. It was okay for me to hold my other female friends' hands but I didn't dare to hold hers. Words have never been easy, either. I got nervous sometimes when speaking with her. In fact I haven't treated her as a friend since the very beginning. I behaved cautiously and was so afraid of losing her. We spent quite a lot of time hanging together. At that time she still seemed too shy to show her feelings, but she was a lot released with me. HOWEVER... I'm sure she has noticed something because she began to tell me that she's not gay, and she can't stand LGBT. I can say that she doesn't look like straight either. She never said she's straight, though. I think she might be asexual if she's really not gay. And then, one day she told me she felt strange when I was near. She said she got afraid as we get closer. And yes, after telling me so, she did seem frightened when I come to her. She asked if I was gay and I said I had no idea. And she said, 'then why didn't you just say no?' I asked, 'do you wish I just say I'm not?' She looked at me for a little while and then mumbled 'No'.
Then we left each other alone. I don't know if she already feels normally about me. As for me, I hoped I could know how to quit her but no I just can't get her off my mind. I made more friends since then and forced myself to fall in love with someone else, but among these guys and girls, I just couldn't fall for anyone. It's been some time but I still have strong feelings for her. I guess that we can still be friends, perhaps good friends, if I hide all my affections and be friendly in a normal way. But the fact is it's so hard to treat her as a friend, for she's never really been a 'friend' to me. Also I do want her to know, even if she will never feel the same for me. The most important thing is, I don't want to lose her. It feels so bad when she denies me. So now the matter is, she know I liked her and she got some time to cool down and think. Now she perhaps has her answer. What should I do, shall I confess it bravely and seriously? And about her, do you think she's straight or asexual, or maybe just afraid of getting close? Or... Did I do something wrong? If so, is there anything I can do now?
Thanks for reading. Your answers will mean a lot to me.. <3
Asked Aug 21, 2012
well ask her out cause she might like you back
Answered Aug 21, 2012
Thanks but if I ask her out, she will probably get angry.. ):
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melony Dec 28, 2012
Hi im in the same situation. Let me write it down:
I just got married this year to my husband after 7 yrs, from highschool by the way. I love him with all my heart and I always knew he was the one, BUT!!!for the past 2 YEARS I have had a crush on a woman, who I met at my salon where I worked as a beautician, she was a hairdresser and the boss's fiance(they've been engagaed for like 2 yrs already). She became my hairdresser.I never liked a woman before , never and since then she is the only one that brings out almost the same feelings that I have toward my husband, but not stronger. I think she she is beautiful, and I know that I dont like women because I am sure she is the only one that turnms me on. Here voice her parfume, everything. Wwe became friends,. I always felt that she might not be straight because she always looked at me with such a cute smile, and the look that everyone makes when they think about you or when someone has a ctush on you and you can tell by the look. We eyed eachother all the time, and it made my feelings stronger, but I had no clue how she felt, but I knew something was wrong with her. She was engaged 6x and never had a wedding, so weird. She doesnt open up to everyone , but she let me in , I was glad. After I left my job, I went back everytime to do my hair, and we became even closer friends. I asked her once if she wants to meet outside of the salon, cause we cant really talk while she works on my hair. She said sure. I was afraid how she will react, but we had a great talk but I didnt wanna tell her my feelings yet,i didnt know if I should. She evern dropeed me off home and we said that next time we can go party, so I was glad there was anext time. The second time we did go party together, we talked then danced a little, but the boys hit on us so it bothered me, but I could not believe I was actually there with her, it was like a dream come true. I think aout her and only her all the time, while im in love with my husband so much. After the party I told her I have like her, she was really surprised, but she told me she only likes men, and I told her about all the moves that I felt from her towards me , how she looked at me, what she said, and she said she doesnt know what those were,im sure she doesnt even know aht she likes, I always feel sthg different when im with her, she acts different, and she doesnt even realize it. pLEASE HELP ME, I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW I CACN LOVE THIS GIRL WHILE I ALWAYS LIKE BOYS , NO OTHER WOMAN TRUNS ME ON, NEVER EVER, BUT SHE DOES, hIOW IS THAT? dOES THAT MAKE ME BISEXUAL, CAUSE IM NOT A LESBIAN, BUT I DO LOVE THIS GIRL. plEASE HELP ME HAS ANYONE BEEN IN SUCHA SITUATION BEDORE. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO.I also tried to act normal before and now after I told her, but I always looked at her also as more than a friend, and I still do even though she knows, we are still friends and I all I can do is be her friend but thats not enough for me, but I have to understand we cant have more now, so for me to be with her and talk with her I cant show that I love her deeply inside unfortunately, while of course I love my husband. My mind just blows up all the time cause I dont understand where this feeling came from towards her, I mean she has to do sthg with it, cause if she would not have acted the way she did my feelings would not have gotten stronger. Please write to me an e-mail if you want and we cantalk if you want about this, I need help you need help maybe we can help eachother , my e-mail is : [email protected]
Answered Aug 31, 2012
Well... Do you mean that even if she loves you back, you will not break up with your husband?
Hahahaha. I've got some feeling here that noone has really answered you. Haha.

You are in a difficult situation definitely, but I'm sure you realise that the only one who knows the answer what to do, is you. And the answer to your questions - maybe the girl knows them and maybe she doesn't.
I can't tell you what is right to do, but she seems really confused to me. And scared. You should really understand for yourself if you could be only a friend to her and nothing more. This is important. I think she may need a friend, but not a friend, who is attracted to her, you see.
Answered Sep 25, 2012
Ah it must has been a long time, so long that I don't even dare to look back again... I see your answer today, and thank you very very much for your kindness and that answer. In fact I never talked to her again from the moment the question was posted. I guess it would be the only and best solution to everything that happened, but I still love her so much... Even now I think of her, I cannot really keep my tears from falling down...

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