My first instrument?

I am looking to start playing an instrument. I have no music skills so im wondering which would be easiest to start with
Asked Aug 21, 2012
The easiest and most rewarding interments for beginners is Piano! It will help you to develop music skills to move onto harder interments.

I've been playing the piano for five years and I love it!

If you don't like the piano you can try the flute but it's a little harder and probably less rewarding when you finally do learn a song.
Answered Aug 21, 2012
My first was alto saxaphone. There's an octave key, so it's easier to go up in octave than for instruments like the flute or brass instruments that require much more breath control to do that. I found alto sax to be a good "gateway" instrument. From there I went on to tenor and soprano sax, bassoon, flute, trumpet, and later, percussion, etc.

A lot of people start off with guitar. My kids are starting with piano. Violin is also a popular first choice.

Think about what kind of music brings you the most joy and choose a compatible instrument. If your favorite genre is Spanish acoustic guitar, go for guitar. I chose sax because I love jazz. My son picked piano because he loves my husband's Thelonius Monk albums and feels drawn to the mathematical and technical aspects of it. My daughter chose it because it's such a natural support for her voice lessons.

Just pick what you think you will enjoy most. That love for it will make it easy.
Answered Aug 21, 2012
Piano and guitar are a better starting point because you learn to play chords (combinations of notes), not just read a line of single notes like a trumpet or flute. But they are more difficult to read for the same reason.

When you learn how chords work together, you develop a better understanding of the skeletal structure and progression of the music and that will make you much better at playing any instrument in the future.
Answered Aug 21, 2012
Edited Aug 21, 2012
I've been playing the piano for 15 years and I love it. And people say once you can play the piano you can play any instrument. If not the piano, try the guitar, that's a lot of fun too! Just make sure you're dedicated.
Answered Nov 19, 2012

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