How do I become a famous rapper

I really want to become a famous rapper because I want my family to make some money and I wanna make concert and etc.
Asked Aug 18, 2012
If all it took to make money was to want it, all of us would be rich. :-)

The route to success at anything depends on what you can put into it, not what you want. People don't spend their money for what YOU want, it's for what THEY want so the way to become a rich and famous rapper is to create and produce music that people are willing to lay down their hard earned cash for. Easy to say, hard to do.
Answered Aug 18, 2012
One does not just "become" famous. To become famous, you need perseverance. You don't necessarily need skill, but if you practice and practice, you will become better. Tell your friends to look you up. If your friends like it, they will tell their friends. Eventually, you will be known. I hope I've helped, and good luck!
Answered Aug 18, 2012
It's very easy to get into the rap game these days. Because what people think is rap is is saying words repeatedly and using the word nigga extensively. So if you wanna be a real rapper and not join the club of talentless jerks, I'd say a great record company to get in touch with would be Shady Records in New York or Muder Ink in Compton. It will be hard seeing as every time a new rapper comes out its classified as shit
Answered Mar 08, 2013
actually that's not true Nigga is a word not used for disrespect as in the old days, it is used to symbolize friendship by the black and African American Culture. But this is taken into offense when used inaproprately by someone not in the races I used earlier... Get It?
Post some rap videos ( freestyle or group) and try to enter rap contests! I love rap to and I write a lot of raps. Lets start a rap competition!!! Ok ok check it, yo my name is heather HD high definition, fuckin east siders got nothin on me, ima thug, westside, a g', outlaw nigga! Can't u see? I be ballin, hittin da streetz, I am New York nigga.... Dats ma hood to be, click clack boom! Westside in dis fuckin room! Runaway dats wha east do I fuckin say! East can't rap even if they drink! They only do crack and try to stay gay free.... Word to all ma homiez! Hahaha

Answered Jun 01, 2013
ok, I am also an up and coming rapper, and let me tell you it dosent come easy. It takes a lot of patience when waiting for producers and record labels to call you back, you should also know that the money dosent come first it comes later in your career, first to get money people have to come see your shows. and to get people to come see your shows they have to know from previous advertisement of your music, and to get advertisement, you must have to have a big time producer promoter and manager, and to get a manager, etc you must be patient , try your best and do you. after a while someone will notice you. I hope I helped ;-) and good luck!!!
Answered Jan 19, 2014

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