I am 17 year old girl, never been kissed and probably going to die a virgin

So, basically I am writing this just because I want to talk to somebody. Anonymously.

Anyway, in my whole life (17, 5 years) I never had a single boyfriend. I never even kissed any of them! Not a single peck. Well, I hugged with a boy for a few times, but it doesn't count, I suppose. And all my friends (peers) are now talking about their "one night stands" (not sex, only kisses), how they snogged with them, how they liked it and so on. And what do I do? I LIE. "Oh, I kissed a boy, lol, in 7th grade, lol, no, you don't know him"

I know where the problem is. I am unattractive. Not like REALLY ugly, but I am seriously overweight, my nose is huge and my eyes are really small.And I never wear makeup, because, frankly, I hate how that stuff feels on my face. I have nice hair, though. Another problem is that I just don't know how to talk with guys. I never had any childhood friends boys, cousins live far away, no one socializes in this neighborhood. When I talk to guys, I always say something REALLY stupid, which sounds witty in my head, and basically I only talk about weather and (in the school) about teachers.
I don't need any of "You just watch your food and exercise, and you will feel beautiful in no time!" (Yeah, I am exercising every day in the gym for two months, NOT HELPING), or "You are beautiful just the way you are", because I am not.

I feel awful. I know what you must think: "Oh, one day your prince will come, don't worry". Or: "There are bigger problems in life". I KNOW THAT. But my prince WON'T come, I'll have to find one myself, because in this f*ing country live more women than men, and half of the men are taken/too old/too young, and half of that half are total douchebags and half of that half lives across the country, and so on so on so on. And I do have bigger problems, yes. But I can't help but feel awful, when I am the forever alone, sitting in the bar, while my friends snog handsome (foreign) strangers and later giggles: "Oh, that was wonderful, you know?!" and I am like "Yeah, I totally know that -_-", and they're all like "Oh, you won't understand".

It just makes me so sad. Sometimes I think, that I am going to die never been kissed, not to mention snogs or virginity. I am going to die in a small little cheap house with five cats, hated and unsociable.

When you think about it, it wouldn't be so bad.I like cats.
Asked Aug 16, 2012
Don't die a virgoin there are terorists waiting for you!!!!!!!
@truelover1 Oh My God!! Sorry this was really funny! But if she wants she can have a terrorist but I'm sure there is someone waiting for her right now!
A lot of what will happen to you in your life will be what you believe will happen. Not that there's some per-destined schedule already made up for you but when you believe something will happen you are ready and recognize it when the time comes. The reverse is also true. Believing it will never happen means you aren't going to try and will give up quickly.

Young and immature guys pay a lot of attention to look. As they grow up, they learn there's a lot more to a desirable woman than some makeup and a couple of boobs. Some women have an inside beauty that far outlasts all that. There is a guy out there just for you but you need to change your beliefs about yourself so you're ready when he shows up.
Answered Aug 16, 2012
you are still young, the right guy will come along at the right time and just because you are overweight doesn't mean you are unattractive. just give it some time
Answered Jan 10, 2014
Amazing "what the hell am I doing here" what a word!!!!
this is not a suitable word just a little optimistic and enjoying look in the life is needed for a female,,,
well, (I don't believe in the word "you are good as you are" otherwise there would be no problem isn't it) that is why I'll try to give you ans.
I'm not that old to know how to get it perfectly, but let's change the way of thinking...what a boy would like? and what is your type?
First boys care for look so how is the general look you make..if you want, you must think by there mind...i don't mean make unneeded stuff but why not to try making a change in the look using the makeup not as a part of you, but as a change look to the thing you don't like and use the ways of makeup to hide them, so you'll use just what you need not too much...no need for changing you but making you better..this step will make you trust yourself a little
second to have a better body, make another program of the food and exercise as a whole (exercise make the muscle got better and some loss of the fatty tissue except if you eat fatty food(e.g.frying potato)it would be with no help in there...so you need the change in both, and if no change you must detect the fatty cell size and require in your body ),this I like the specialist doctors in nutrition not the net way...(this is my believe)
then what do you like as an activity? the most of boys like the girls who are perfect in something but never say to them that just let them feel that importance...
what is your type?who is he?
mostly people who has same interest help in that...
the care of others feeling and to let what he may need in your hand so he need to talk with you (and you see first what he likes then change to make what suit your character and suit him) but be honest in your talk with and being gentle change the thought to care.
and what is the problem on loving cat use that as a help it make the girls look cute but,,,not loving and losing conc. in the other that would be a problem...
I wanted to know what others talk about you? what they said after your lie (in another way can you tell how you are on others eye as you know????)

this all is used ideas...but don't you think the life is not only now? you've a future which can make other changes that you never thought of,,,i don't mean not to change yourself but not just for males but to won the battle inside you that you'll never has one and say I can whenever I want but I want who suits me only...and emmm the change you need is to make perfect character of you for the future and your whole life to trust yourself more.....
Answered Aug 16, 2012
I would suggest not being so eager to get into romantic entanglements. It's really not all it's cracked up to be. Yes, your friends are off snogging and such, but they're also getting their hearts broken. Be happy you're avoiding that mess. It's quite painful.

When I was in high school, I intentionally didn't get involved with boys so I could focus on my school work and interests... and I got a hefty scholarship as a reward for my efforts.

Focus on yourself, keep developing your good qualities, and focus on your future. There's a better and wider selection of guys at uni, so you'll be more likely to meet guys who are good matches for you.

If you get interested in makeup, I suggest e.l.f. (http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/) You can get it in the UK for around 3 pounds. I don't feel the foundation on my face. They have even lighter tinted moisturizers.

They also have tutorials on YouTube. I've been giving myself a makeover over the last few years --- now again since I've recently dropped a lot of weight --- and I've found some really helpful tutorials there. You don't have to look like a stupid, painted doll. My YT favs are:
- Lisa Eldridge (http://www.youtube.com/lisaeldridgedotcom)
- Wayne Goss (http://www.youtube.com/user/gossmakeupartist), and
- Shirley Eniang

Here's a link to a natural look:
Answered Aug 18, 2012
Edited Aug 18, 2012
I would rather be like you than a sleazy stuck-up whore who wears low cut tank tops and thongs. having sex whenever they get the chance to. YOu don't want to be like that.

But I see what you mean. I used to be like that too. this seems crazy because I'm only 13 but I've gone through something similar. I guess when I grew up I just changed naturally, I didnt really pay much attention to it. My hair grew long and wavy. I started wearing contacts. and started using a hint of lipgloss in the morning. I know this may sound stupid but I put on a pretty bra in the morning to feel confident, even though no one can see it. I add little accessories to make me feel pretty on my down days, to draw the attention away from my face I guess.

Maybeits not your problem, maybe its the guys around you that just aren't right. I used to feel useless and un wanted by guys until one guy came along that made me feel special. That actually liked who I was. The argumentative, stubborn, competitive, slightly arrogant, clever, not very tall, braces, crooked smile, not very vain, messy haired girl.
Answered Oct 20, 2012
Firstly your question makes me wonder how CUTE and NAIVE cause seriously speaking at your age guys tend to talk like this and not girls. But still I digress anyways, firstly being a little chubby doesn't mean you are unattractive in fact I am not even saying that you try to lose weight and blah blah but just see around. There is going to be some peeping boy who stares at you and admires every now and then but doesn't have the guts to say it to you or there is a guy who does stare at you but you perceive him to looking at you being chubby and not attractive etc.
Answered Dec 18, 2012
First of all can I just say how jealous I am of you !! I would happily still be a virgin at your age. (Even my own age nearly 20)

As strange as it may seem it is something you should be happy about

I had my first boyfriend quiet young and all I can say is a total mistake. I wish I waited , not for someone special as I'm not really into all that just untill I was emotionally ready.

I think your main priority should be your confidence I don't think you should start wearing make up or even watching your weight I just think you need to focus on becoming comfortable with yourself.

Once you are confident enough you will start to open up a bit more as discussing stuff you genuinely are interested in as appose to generic subjects. Hopefully then you will start to speak with people who share your intreats and so forth.
I honestly find
If you keep thinking about finding someone or experiencing something you will probably not find them/ it and will usually end up disappointed !!! I know my comments may seem all blah blah blah but there isn't really anything anyone can say which will change anything.

Feel free to ask any questions about what I've commented or about me ect

Answered Dec 18, 2012
you won't die a virgin, please don't worry about that
you're still very young, hey I am 28 and I still haven't kissed anyone bc I live in hell
so dont blame yourself for it
and if you want to lose weight dont just exercise indoors, go walking and jogging outside in the fresh air that will make you lose weight and eat lots of fruits before every meal as many as you want they are fat free and good for you
what else can I help you with
try looking for the right boy too
Answered Jan 19, 2013
There's ur problem ur obese! Sounds rude but in reality ur not going to get laid much as teen teen if ur big lose the weight babe and I will fuck u (I'm 16 btw)
Answered Feb 09, 2013
Find one boy you like, he needs to not be so hot and he needs to be sort of "easy" Act cute around him for a while and dress pretty (and sexy) Make your boobs look big. After about 1 week and a half of this find something he is good at for example football. Say you need help, he helps you. Say you want to thank him and take him out somewhere. Kiss him by the end of the first date now you are in. The next date is a your house when your parets aren't home. You need to be "easy". Act really sexy and kiss him. Kiss him again and again and again and again. Use LOTS of tongue! Start undressing him by unbuttoning his shirt and let him take off your shirt and then he can take off his pants and you can take off yours. DO IT! Boys love BJs so give him lots!
Answered Feb 18, 2013
You're a good person then. You don't find many 17 year old virgins. If you really want to get a boyfriend, I'd say chart a new look. Nothing skanky just something straight forward that will make you look good about yourself. Don't think that you'll die a virgin, I promise you will meet the right guy in time who will love you for you. Don't think now that the world revolves around boys, because you should be worrying about more important issues, there is plenty of time to meet guys later. Don't worry about your friends because you're much more mature than them if theyre having one night stands. I hope this helps xx
Answered Mar 09, 2013
Post a pic I might think you are hot
Answered Mar 10, 2013
Just kidding I got a girl friend
Okay quick thing there are a bunch of cute guys who are in to not kissing till marrige cause its magical for them to know that
Hey dude I know the feeling and I'm staying strong thing is I would be even lonelier than you. I'm allergic to cats. So be thankful you at least have that privilege xP
Answered Apr 13, 2013
Look on the bright side I never had a real girl friend and im fine... who am I kidding live sucks and we all now it. And I all ready got 3 cats looks like ill die a vigern too.. :(
Answered Apr 17, 2013
just wait for your future
Answered Apr 17, 2013
Ma step daddy don't kiss no girl til he was eighteen, and virgin til twenty. Damn girl, you luckier den him.
Answered Jun 04, 2013
you wont die virgin. I didnt have my first proper kiss untill I was 21 so dont worry about it and take your time .
Answered Jun 27, 2013
dont worry dear make a boyfrd with a guy u like and take him to ur bed. rest all things he ll do
Answered Jul 23, 2013
I know how you feel girl. I saw that your biggest problem is your being overweight. Why not to try to lose weight, try some weight loss program to motivate you to be fit and healthy. This is not just about your problem of never been kissed and die a virgin, it's just about yourself, I mean you need to be fit and healthy so that when you grow old, you are confident that you are healthy. Think about it girl. I give you a site that can help you to be fit and healthy, some weight loss programs.
Answered Jul 23, 2013
go to the street corner wearing skimpy cloths and by the end of the night, u would have done many thing
Answered Aug 22, 2013
what a funny comm
I don't want to make offence but find a "chubby chaser"
Answered Aug 23, 2013
Dude, im the same way. Ive just given up hope on anything romantic whatsoever to the point that it's more of a choice now. I am unattractive and very socially awkward, I have no idea how to maintain a conversation. But to me, living isolated in a house full of cats sounds like a dream! Im weird like that, haha. Anyways, hopefully you'll find someone or come to a willfully virgin state as I have. Good luck!
Answered Sep 30, 2013
Why does everyone want to tell young people what to do? It's your life baby.
Answered Oct 02, 2013
Okay.... I'm going to tell you something, that may just blow your mind. These people, with their comments, are driving me nuts. I read them all. The young kids, shouldn't be talking about how ugly they are, and ect. You know what ugly is? Being outcasted and hurt, and being ugly not because your face is ugly, but because it was beaten black and blue; because others didn't like you. Being made ugly is worse than feeling ugly. I was always that girl who was alone, and I was beatne up for being the only white girl in my neighborhood. You should only care about making yourself feel better. Forget about guys, forget about what you think others want. There are guys and gals out there who are bigger than a barn, and they can find love. Confidence, that is where it all comes from. I'm a plus sized girl, but with the right attitude... I have made the hottest guys want to be with me. I have two sides, one sweet and nice and innocent, and one dirty little taunting teasing freak. I'm bi, and I have nothing to hide. In highschool, I only kissed one guy.. We were friends and I used to watch him play Yugioh at breakfast. Eventually, we started kissing all the time, but never anything more. I'm not a virgin, I just chose not to have sex with him. Also you are a woman. You have a vagina... If you are so worried about sex, you could literally go into the world, find a black man, or a hispanic.. and say.. Yo I have a vagina, want some? And you will get laid in no time. I think sex is overrated though I was and am a sex addict. I haven't had sex in over two years, but it isn't what you need.
Answered Oct 14, 2013
You no wat you sound really pretty and I think it would be really great to have a boyfriend well to me a girlfriend because I'm a boy but still I'm eighteen to and I've never had my first kiss but to me you sound beautiful to me so I'm sure you'll find him that's what I go by
Answered Oct 17, 2013
GIRLS SHOULD HAVE SEX 3 TIMES A WEEK and the rest of the week doing excercises
Answered Dec 25, 2013
Can the exercise also be sex?
Solmyr Jan 08, 2014
My dear friend,you are lucky. Some girls have all these and become mothers and their life becomes worst than hell. You should be sad only after you turn thirty. So cheers. You have ample time for that.
Answered Feb 07, 2014
You are 17. You have years to find a guy. Do something daring. Like... have a sleepover and have a male stripper. That isn't that daring though.
Answered Dec 07, 2014
Doo You !!
Fuck Every Elseee ..
Take Your Timee ..

Answered Jul 02, 2013
Ill fuck u if u need to be.
Answered Aug 26, 2013

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