Can anyone out there help me, i'm at my wits end

so I don't know how it started but I can't seem to make it stop, a few weeks ago just before my exam results came out I started worrying. I was just lying in my bed about to drift off and it hit me, ohh no I cut my hand today on red ash pitch and I heard u can get tetanus and die from that. From then on worry after worry piled on, when one went away another filled its place, it got to the point where I lost my appetite developed hypoglycemia in the morning and felt horrible all the time. Just now it's eased off slightly but my latest worry is all these types of cancer with little to no symptoms, the thought of something slowly killing u and not even knowing about it is freaking me out, every little ache I have I wonder if its that, for example ovarian cancer, I always have a bit of discomfort before I go to the toilette and feel a bit bloated sometimes and now I am worried if it's normal or if its that. I guess the fact I can't stop worrying is that I know miss something crutal and will hav this cancer and not know until it's too late. please help me as I just want to go back to being a normal 16 year old, I actually want to worry about exams and zits, I almost welcome that worry as it's a lot better than this
please help me
Asked Aug 16, 2012
thank you both for ur answers, I have stopped worrying about most things now, it has given e a bit of perspective and I hav calmed down about everything accept the diseases with no symptoms, as I know nothing about my health has changed within at least the last 2 years but every little ache still bugs me a little, it appears I just need to power through and I appreciate both of ur help, thanks for taking the time to respond to my question
becciMT Aug 17, 2012
You should go to the doctor for a checkup. Some medical issues can cause you to feel apprehensive without any real reason. If it proves to be there's nothing wrong with you, then you know there's nothing to worry about. You can't lose. :-)
Answered Aug 16, 2012
see my mum has started to get sick of my constant worrying about things because they are so extreme, the other week I thought I had heart failure because I had a slight ache in my chest, it was gone within the hour but I still told my mum about it, I know that my worrying is obscene but if I go to the doctors i'll worry that they've missed something or ill start worrying again in a few days, sorry, I should hav probably mentioned that above
becciMT Aug 16, 2012
If you have made up your mind that you will worry no matter what, then the worrying will continue until you make up your mind you aren't going to worry any more. I'm just suggesting that a doctors exam will separate fact from fiction.
Rob Aug 16, 2012
I agree with Rob. You should see a doctor... at least to discuss the anxiety disorder you seem to be developing. A therapist could help you develop strategies to deal with it and get over it.
{1st Pardon Mrs. Rob to interrupt I like to ans. even that you before…}

becciMT you started to think in obsessive way (sorry for the word), sometimes this happen when you are afraid of something and trying to forget your thought of that by thinking in other ways, there is a lot of problems in your mind your brain is trying to get rid of by making you focusing on other things...

Your mam is getting sick as you said and you are unconscionably trying to solve the specific problem neglecting what interrupt you and so continuing,
and you care more about the future and what will happen “am I going to die?” You are not…believe in destiny and don’t destroy the moment you live in by thinking more than needed in the later one (try to enjoy the moment there selves) and also you said" back to being a normal 16 year old" you are normal while growing up these are some thoughts you can erase by believing that the examination by doctors can find the problems that may interrupt your life,,, (there is a question what are the thought after thinking that the worst may happen?)

Remember that the pain is a helpful sign tells that your body has a reaction to face a thing (disease, bacteria, virus....etc.).
This problem has happen to a dear person to I'm telling how she solve it,,,

*Write on paper all what bother you and start to solve one by one even if you feel that the problem is not that important....
*Start to focus on many activities that you are good or able to be perfect in them and do the best.
*Somehow care to not let your time empty of a work to do
If you have a pain how is it? Constant so go to doctor he’ll give a treat, but if intermittent so c how long and how many times it comes, if only it is the first attack so it is not really serious since it doesn't interact with your activity..

by the way the study can help it is not that bother we study to know more and to 've perfect information and the marks will be taken without being troubled this is the rule of best marks I no need of any afraid there...
I don’t know is this helpful or not for you I don’t know anything about you to give sure info. that suits your personality, but I gave what I’ve..and if you had any comment I won't mind anything you wold wishes..
Answered Aug 16, 2012
Edited Aug 16, 2012
When you answer here you're never interrupting. Different people see things different ways and your ideas are just as valuable as mine. The more answers the better.
Rob Aug 16, 2012
What a logical way of thinking :) I appreciate that gentle being of you Mrs.Rob,,,merci beaucoup,,,
My4649 Aug 16, 2012

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