On Horse Isle 2, which islands do or don't have wild horses?

I like to play Horse Isle 2, Legend of the Esrohs(the life cycle version). I like to find wild horses and I was wondering which islands don't have wild horses? Which islands do have wilds on them, and which islands have the most? I have heard that on different islands wilds are found in certain spots on the island. Also, when you find a wild, and you don't really want it, what is a good way to give them away for a little money? What do you do? Any answers to any of these questions would be appreciated, thanks:)
Asked Aug 15, 2012
any islands with an arena or if its heavily populated. go to empty, or almost empty, isles and go to woodsy and my preferences are deadwood, decay, bones, brown, twin rivers, and circle forest isles hope this helped :)
Answered Feb 03, 2013
Wild Horses won't spawn on an Isle with NPC's, Towns or Arenas. A good place, where I found two wild horses, is around the boat to Pitcher Isle, or in the fork of the river at Twin Rivers. But any place that has no people, like Circle Forest or Brown, has the chance of a wild horse spawning. If you don't want a wild that you captured, you can surrender it to a Livery Stable to be resold. Good luck capturing horses. :3
Answered Nov 23, 2013
You can find a wild on an island with NPCs. Any isle with an Arena on it does not have wilds on it.

You can pretty much find wilds on any isle that doesn't have a town on it (villages are acceptable).
Answered Mar 18, 2014
Family Stoners
Answered Mar 10, 2018

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