1995 toyota Corolla. Not getting a spark.

1995 Toyota Corolla, 1.6 L engine. No spark. We have 12 volts at the coil. G and NE pick ups are in the right resistance range. Rotor does turn when engine is cranked. Installed with new distributor assembly complete with new cap and rotor, still no spark.
Asked Aug 12, 2012
Check to see if there is spark coming out of the coil. With the distributor cap in place and all other wires connected, put a screwdriver with an insulated handle into the output wire from the coil (where it goes into the distributor) and hold the metal part of the screwdriver about 1/4 inch from a grounded location. When you crank the engine, you should get a spark between the screwdriver and ground. If you don't, there's a problem with the coil.

Answered Aug 12, 2012
Edited Aug 12, 2012

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