Have the frequent posters seen this?

Thefpl.us podcast did an ehelp episode a week ago. Have any of the frequent posters heard it?
Asked Aug 08, 2012
After reading your question, I looked it up and listened for about five minutes. It is true that we get some silly questions in an "ask any question" format but nobody here has any control over what questions are asked. The objective is answer as many as possible and provide clear and accurate answers. It's always easier to sit in the stands and do the bitch and whine than it is to come down on the field and get into the game.

Answered Aug 09, 2012
I know. I just thought you guys might find it funny. I think sites like this (when used right) can be a great and helpful resource.
Also, after wandering around the site for a few hours, I found some actual questions that deserved a serious response.
No matter how trivial they may sound to you or me, most every question here is serious to the person asking it with a few exceptions.
Rob Aug 09, 2012
I know. Its just funny to put them in a context of "Why the hell do you need to know that?" and laugh at them.

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