Hey guys, I am a girl and I KIND OF like girls too :/

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Asked Aug 01, 2012
Hey, I always have that feeling. I DO like girls when im walking to the shops and like have that urge to go up to them and kiss them. but then I find guys attractive too
kassey Oct 01, 2013
Embrace it. There is nothing wrong with liking the same sex. I love women! :)
Answered Aug 14, 2012
Me to
Imbiami May 05, 2013
Me to
Imbiami May 05, 2013
That's great.
Answered Aug 01, 2012
Congrats!! Own it :)
Answered Aug 13, 2012
looks like you're a lesbian!! :P
Answered Mar 19, 2013
you're HOMO !
Answered Aug 02, 2012
in the way you wear is it boyish or a normal girl?
Answered Aug 02, 2012
welcome to the LGBT family haha
Answered Oct 22, 2012
It is totes normal.
Answered Dec 03, 2012
Call me *wink wink* lol jk
Answered Mar 28, 2013
Youre Not Different Thats Totally Normal , So Dont Worry
Answered Jul 20, 2013
That's great! I am as well, as are so many others so your defiantly not alone :) Modern society doesn't really critique people on there sexuality so you should just openly embrace who you are, be proud girl and let your LGBT rainbow flag fly ;)
Answered Jul 24, 2013
That is true, in modern society sexuallity isn't usually judged (and it should never be) but, russia's anti-LGBT laws are in place.(such a stupid law)

Doge Feb 18, 2014
& that is totally fine girl!
Answered Oct 01, 2013
Totally and utterly okay to like a girl. Good luck with it, since you will probably have to deal with plenty of awkwardness if you decide to tell somebody.
Answered Dec 26, 2013
Go for who you are
Answered Dec 26, 2013
GRATS, and welcome to the community :)
Answered Feb 18, 2014
Remember your always welcome here!! And were glad to have you in our family ;)
congo!! you might be bi!!
Answered Apr 05, 2014
yay, come join us here on the gay side of life ;) jk I'm bi. You're probably bi, too!
Answered Apr 07, 2014
Answered Apr 17, 2014
that's good to hear :)
i'm bi sexual so if anyone makes fun of you ignore them
Answered Apr 20, 2014
no u should go gay and never look at another cock or penis look at allpussy because it is pink and wet like my mothers
Answered Apr 17, 2014
that's stupid
u r an idiot
Answered Apr 07, 2014
You're stupid. And you are an idiot. Why be a dick to someone you don't know? Don't like it? Then go away. Now, have a nice day :)
Lol smooth very smooth
ehehehehehehehe you like girls to so do I u and I are like the same person now get back in my head!!!
Answered Apr 10, 2014
Um...wtf this isn't an answer btw!
ignore her she is a dumbass

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