Can an man still be a local American citizen

Can an man still be a local American citizen, if he is married to an eastern european women, and hates American women?
Asked Jul 27, 2012
You'd have to officially renounce your citizenship to lose it. You can't have your citizenship taken from you because of who you marry or for having discriminatory or bigoted views.

If you hate American women, aren't you glad your daughter seems more German? Based on the questions you're asking, it sounds like you've chosen to rear her in an environment where being an American woman is seriously looked down upon. Why would she choose to be more like someone her father and family hate?
Answered Jul 28, 2012
From the large number of questions you've posted here (some have been deleted for repetition) it sounds more like you are promoting and anti-American women agenda than sincerely asking questions. You definitely aren't paying any attention to the answers.
Answered Jul 28, 2012
Edited Jul 28, 2012

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