Why I am feeling that i'm close to nature

i'm a teenager that enjoy life . always I admire nature , green grasse , flowers , these things , I wasn't like that before when I was in 6grade , now i'm in high school . can you tell me why ?
Asked Jul 27, 2012
A good measure of maturity is how far a person can see into the future. Immature people are concerned about tomorrow and maybe what they'll do over the weekend but that's about as far ahead as they can see. As you gain maturity and can see farther, you get a much better understanding of what is really important in life. Your future, your family and your environment around you become more important and cell phones, games and social stuff lose value.

Your changing interests are a sign you're moving into adulthood in the right way by seeing the big picture of what makes the world tick and nature is a very important part of that picture.
Answered Jul 27, 2012
ah now I do understand ! and i'm agreeing with you when you said "you get a much better understanding of what is really important in life" , because lately I was thinking about our future how whould it look like so I refuge to nature . thanks rob :-)
bouchra Jul 28, 2012
First you must understand what is not nature itself! What is not nature? Is nature how it was before, how it's now, or how it will be? Is nature being in peace? A lot people say I am in nature. I am in peace. The question is are you free? Relationship, peace, love, joy, and all of it comes through freedom. Now ask this question yourself. Are you free? Are you free from thought, are you free from time, are you free from the mind which is conditioned by other people, are you free from ambition, are you free from following any type of religious system? You are saying "why I am feeling close to nature", Do you feel know that you are close to nature? To be close to nature is our Central being. To liberate the self is (not being close to nature), is to be in nature.
Answered Oct 27, 2012
You are nature, nature is beautiful and we are all little pieces of nature. You are a good and helpful person that's why you notice nature and love it. Mean people hate nature and harm it. Nature is being harmed very badly and its the worst problem in the world. Stay close to nature and enjoy it. Take care :)
Answered Feb 10, 2013
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Answered Feb 12, 2016

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