What's a good household item for massaging my prostate

i am looking for something to massage my prostate.. (inside preferably but also outside) besides using my finger.. I don't have any 'toys' I can use and I can't get any anyway... so I was looking for a household item I could use.. and aslo.. I just cannot seem to find my prostate.. I tryed quite a few times and I always ended up failing to find it....
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Asked Jul 23, 2012
Edited Jul 23, 2012
Your prostate is an inch or two inside and above your anus on the top side directly below the bladder. It's very possible that you can't feel it. If you can't, what's the purpose of giving it a massage?

Be very careful what you stick in your butt. While it may seem like a a fun thing to try, it will be very embarrassing to explain to a doctor and/or your parents if something goes wrong. There have been a number of books written by emergency room doctors and one of the favorite topics is the great variety of items they've had to remove from rectums. This is a case where the risk far outweighs any benefit.
Answered Jul 23, 2012

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