Please help me what course should I get I am choosing from this two please help

i am having troubles looking for a course I dont know what should I get I am choosing computer engineering or a marine sniper please help me I cant decide :( thanks for your help XD
Asked Jul 18, 2012
If you go to college and earn a degree in computer engineering, you have control over what you do and where you work your entire life.

If you join the Marines, you have no such control. They choose who will, and will not become snipers based on your skill and their needs at the time you enter the service. You could also spend twenty years as a sniper and never get to take a shot. Then, after you do the twenty years and get out, you will have to find another job because there is very little demand for snipers outside the military.

If you want a military career, that's fine but don't join up with the idea that you have any control over what you will be doing.
Answered Jul 18, 2012
Think about both options and think about there positive and negative sides. That evils less you to the answer. X
Answered Nov 04, 2012
Every branch of engineering has a bright future. It REALLY depends upon your interest and choice.
Electronics engineering and civil engineering hold a bright future as there are many electronics and civil projects in pipeline for another decade. But this doesn't necessarily mean that other branches do not have a bright future. It all depends upon the person as it isnt the branch but the person who makes the engineering practice best.
What you can do is run swiftly through the syllabus of engineering branches and give each points based on your interest and the amount by which it inspires you.
As for creativity, mechanical engineering has a lot of creativity involved. Other engineering too have that but the mechanical branch has highest potential as it calls for physical product design.
You can write down all branches as a list and give them points along different criteria like your interest, creativity, future scope, difficulty level, easiness etc and rate them accordingly.
Believe me, only decision that will satisfy anyone is his/her own.

There are several Universities and colleges which are known to be good for Enineering:IIT -Dehli,
LPU, Punjab,
PEC, Punjab,
BITS, Pilani
DEC, Delhi
Answered May 17, 2013

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