I'm 18(19 in less then 2 months) and my boyfriend is 24.Is that a bad thing?

This isn't my first relationship (technically), and I definetly know its not his first relationship.Okay, I know there are going to be people saying age is just a number blah blah blah and I get that.
But we're so different and our relationship is so confusing and complex sometimes.Also despite how a lot of people will argue saying "oh well you guys are in the same age group and at the same point in life...." I feel like sometimes I can't get past it.
First of all, I work with him. It's a shitty job but its helping me get some funds for college in a month or so. We work at a fast food resturant, and he happens to be a manager. Now, the general manager who is totally awesome decided not to schedule me on his shifts anymore, which irked me at first but I can see where she's coming from. The past two days I worked I ended up working with him because there was a no show. It was confusing to say the least, which i'm sure some of you can understand.

Also, he isn't in college, and didn't attend it. Mainly because he doesn't have enough money for it. But I'm going to be a college student and he lives a very different lifestyle than I do. I'm straight edge, and he smokes pot.

I've known him for about a year, and we established a friendship before we started dating so we know alot about each other. Like he keeps on saying that he used to be like me when I was his age which is why he won't let me smoke or anything. (Controlling? yes. but I can understand his reasoning).

I know he really likes me, and I like him too...but sometimes I just think that we're too different. Is that mainly because of our age difference or just because of our personalities? We talk constantly, we text each other more than we see each other, but we've been seeing each other frequently. not everyday but close.

This is also my first serious relationship, as in I'm just not thinking about myself i'm thinking about both of us and him in general. I'm afraid that if/when we break up that we won't be as close as we were before we started dating.

Should I break things off before things get even more complicated for the both of us?
Asked Jul 15, 2012
Look ! Everyone has an opinion and thought of his own. let them say what they want to say . If your comfortable with what you have and happy with your lifestyle , then don't give a sh*t what people will think of you both . Age is not that important to prevent or stand in the way of tow peole love each other so much if was the other one older . you must to put this idea in your mind . you must to take your own choises because this all are just opinions of other people . people with a great personality and self confidence don' let other people conrol there lifes and force them to do what they think it's WRONG .
I'm sure know you know what to do . GOOD LUCK !
Answered Jul 16, 2012
The critical thing here is your college. When you get there, your horizons will open up with an endless number of opportunities both socially and intellectually. What about him? What are his goals? If he has none, that isn't a good sign for your future. One of you will change to become like the other. The MOST important thing is to not let this drag you into his lifestyle and drop your educational goals. Fast food restaurants are a great place for young people to supplement their education but they offer very little for the future. That may not seem important today but 10-20 years from now it will make a huge difference. Take a long, hard look at what your lives would be like then.
Answered Jul 16, 2012
If he smokes pot then he probably isn't thinking too much about his future. When you go off to college and your relationship stays stable, then that means he really likes you. In my opinion, long distance relationships are the best. And age doesn't matter if you really love someone. Differences are good in a relationship. Like they say, opposites attract. It gives you a chance to be strong where he is weak and him to be strong where you are weak. I would keep dating him through college and if you are still together but the end, then he really wants to be with you and you want to be with him.
Answered Jul 22, 2012

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