Can we call the text file inside a bat file which contains a bteq script


I have a .txt file. This txt file has some BTEQ script.

I wanted to create a new .bat file.
When we run the bat file that particular txt file shud be called and executed. (i.e, ultimately, the BTEQ script should run).

How to achieve this?

Asked Jul 09, 2012
Edited Jul 09, 2012
A file with a .BAT (For "Batch") extension is an executable file. just change the extension to .BAT.

When run, it will execute the commands in the text file as if you typed them from the keyboard.

Imagine you have a program called "DoThis.EXE" that allows you to pass the path to data files in the command line. A batch file with the commands below would clear the screen, run your program using the folder on the D Drive as the path to the data.:

C:\Program Files\DoThis\DoThis.exe D:\DoThisData\

Answered Jul 09, 2012
Edited Jul 09, 2012
About the bat file , ask to your lawyer to help your problem.
Answered Sep 30, 2014

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