How do the moon and earth and sun work together?

Asked Jul 07, 2012
Gravity is the basic force of the universe. The amount of that force depends on the two body's mass and the distance between them. Gravitational force keeps the sun, earth and moon aligned at the right distances and the sun provides the heat that makes the earth warm enough for living things to survive.

The gravitational pull of the moon causes the tides to rise and fall by making the water on the side of the earth that the moon is on lighter in weight causing it to rise in height.

The earth has a 19 degree tilt that causes the top half to be closer to the sun when it's on one side (Summer) and the bottom half to be closer when it's on the other side (Winter). It's that tilt that causes the seasons.
Answered Jul 08, 2012
it is 23.5 degrees not 19 degrees
It was 19 degrees back in the Fifties when I was a kid. That would explain the melting ice. :-)
Rob Apr 12, 2013

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