How can I find out the access code to my wife's new email address

I was unskilled on computers when I first met my girlfriend,in the Philippines. I return to Australia regularly to meet financial commitments and I didn't have an email address so I would use hers to book cheap flights.I had only just set her up in a nice apartment until I could return,when,whilst booking a flight,I saw her emails from a supposed ex.with whom she was keeping contact.She was with me,on the computer at the time, but I was dumbfounded and slow to react.She assured me they were meaningless,and me,being trustworthy [idiot] I believed her. Anyway,to keep a long story short,I learned computer basics and got my own email and by the time I checked her emails again the most incriminating were deleted.My girlfriend contacted me to tell me she was pregnant whilst on my next trip to Australia,so I was late returning,busy planning for a change of life.Shock,54years old,my first child.After returning I found emails which proved she had been seeing him while I was gone.I took copies of these before approaching her, as these disappeared also. Anyway,I stayed with her and cared for her and raised a healthy boy,but now its happening again.I stumbled onto an online conversation on her old email address telling another boyfriend about her new email,so I have it but not the access code.Is it possible to find it so I can make some plan.If I confront this situation I wont see my son again,he's 22months old.
Asked Jul 05, 2012
You can't get the password unless she gives it to you. It sounds like there's a lot at stake here. Can you talk to a marriage counselor before you plan your next step?
Answered Jul 06, 2012
Do a google search for "local keylogger software." Installed on her machine, it will operate in stealth mode and create a hidden file of all of the keystrokes on the keyboard. .
Answered Jul 06, 2012
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