Were bestfriends and i'm still getting mixed signals?

I use to be in love with this girl for 3 yrs ad then I was starting to get over her and we became really close and best friends and I thought I was over her but I keep getting this feeling in my stomach around her and everything I just ignored it at first but now I can't and now that I start thinking about it when we lay down we're facing each other and playing footies and twirling our fingers together and when I tickle her she takes my arms and wraps them around her waist we laugh together she's always grabbing my hand and touching me and looking at me and I noticed that if i'm texting another girl she kinda gets mad and jealous and tries to play it off but she has a bf, she doesn't really seem that happy with him what do you think?? help me out tell what to do? (I'm a girl)
Asked Jul 03, 2012
Edited Jul 03, 2012
You can't be sure. It can be your imagination, your wild desire for her to get mad when you text someone else. Wait for clearer signals.
Give her some kind of innocent hints as well, in order to understand if there is any chance for her to be interested in other women.
Good luck.
Answered Jul 04, 2012
like she seriously gets mad at me when text other ppl like she won't talk to me until I stop texting them
she could be just an obsessive kind of person, a little egoistical. I'm not saying she is that, but you should always think through all the possibilities. Ask her what is the problem about texting other people some time. It is interesting what she'd tell you.
I say there is a strong possibility that she does like you. As for the boyfriend, well that might be cover up for the fact that she could have feelings towards you. My best friends sort of went through the same thing. They were both girls and they would always play around with each other like how you two do. The problem was that one of them had a boyfriend as well, she wasn't happy with him though. In the end the she broke up with him and now they're together :) Just give it a shot and be honest with her!
Answered Jul 14, 2012
Edited Jul 14, 2012

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