Why wont my samsung phone boot?

My phone is in a boot loop which means when I turn my device on all that happens is it goes through the startup and gets stuck on the flashing samsung logo the only way I can turn the phone off is too remove the battery from the back of the phone. I have tried restarting the phone and leaving it but that did not seem to work so I went online for hours looking for a solution on how to fix this people ask if it is bricked or have I tried to root or change any of the information of the phone and my answer has always been no, I also had people say to me try combinations and I have tried for hours and that did not work. So I thought that looking on the user manuall online and on disk would help but they did not mention anything about the boot of the phone. Now I am thinking about looking if anyone would post a how to video on youtube but they are for all different models that experience this problem after a few more hours of trying to figure out what I could do now because I dont have any warrant left on the phone because I had it for 2 years and it worked great but when I turned it off once I think it was trough a update of the system it crashed and did a boot loop ever since. I would like to know if samsung have a solution to the problem, and thankyou for your time.
Asked Jun 30, 2012
The critical question you should ask the people at Samsung support is where is the device in the boot sequence when it gets to the flashing logo? If there is nothing that the user can change before that, you have a defective phone. If there IS something the user can change prior to that, what is it so you can change it back?
Answered Jun 30, 2012

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