Im a girl And I think im bi, I dont know what to do

Im a girl and think im bi. I was a sophomore at high school when I started to realize that I was atracted to girls but I always denyed it to myself. Im mostly atracted to white girls and its funny cause ive been in this country for 3 years (legaly) and im just trying to fit in because of the language. I dont think its necesary to tell someone about this eventhough I know my family and friends would understand it but for some reason I dont think its necesary to tell them, and its a little sacry 2. I also think in the posibility to have a girlfriend but im just 2 scared to say im bi and I know that noone easly comes to u and says they like u, its just complicated. This is thefirst time I kinda share this and at first I was unsure to do it but then it got better. I just thought I was gonna feel better after sharing this and I also would like to know about ur opinion or advice:)
Asked Jun 22, 2012
Edited Jun 23, 2012
i think you're bicurious. you need to give it time, and you will realize if this is a passing thing or for real. think about it this way. could you see yourself in a relationship with a girl? don't think about all the other factors, like coming out and stuff, but can you see yourself in a real relationship with one? then you might be bi. if you are just checking girls out, thats normal, most girls do that and compare themselves to whoever they're checking out and stuff. also, could you see yourself kissing and doing other stuff with a girl? if not, you probably aren't bi. I hope this helped :) I was in kinda the same situation a couple years ago, I had no idea I was into girls and then I met an amazing one who changed everything and was my first love :D
Answered Jun 22, 2012
Well I do see my self with another girl and kissing and stuff but I feel weird cos this is like a new thing u know. Thank u :) this actually helps!! I feel like if I just came out to someone and it feels good!! :)
glad I could help! and don't worry if you're confused n stuff. thats how I was when I first realized. I felt like I was bipolar, one hour id be all "I'm definitely bi, it makes so much sense" and the next id be convinced there was no way I was bi. give it time and you'll figure everything out
Haha really!! Well thanks for the advice!! I think the next thing im gonna do is to get to know new people and see what happens :)

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