My cat is missing and I miss her

my cat she is a 2 year old female and fix and she has vanished we live in the country

No sign of her for a week and 3 days now I walk about 2miles on both sides of the road went too all the house around me lookING under every think I could think of gave all my info too every one I walk every morning eve and at nite then I call her name out the window at nite for hours I have her bed food water live traps dirty laundry like a shirt. I HAVE HER POSTED ON FACEBOOK humane society in my area web sit I call all the vets. what else can I do I miss my little girl so bad I cry all the time am all the time praying too the good lord too bring her home safre and sound. I LOVE HERSO MUCH I CAN'T JUST SIT AT HOME AND WAIT FOR HER TOO COME SO THATS WHY I GO OUT LOOKING FOR HER ALL THE TIME CALL HER NAME. let the good lord bring my little baby home safe and sound I love her sooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Asked Jun 21, 2012
Edited Jun 21, 2012
you are a good man
Answered Jun 21, 2012
How old is she? If she old it may be her time cats do that so there owners don't become sadder so they run away far so they could die and not see anyone watch them! If she is younger she may have gotten lost keep looking!!

Hope your cat returns and you find her safe and sound!!

Good luck!
Answered Oct 06, 2012
Aww I'm sorry that she is missing! I'm sure that she is fine! She is just exploring! You should check if she is in a shelter... And just keep looking every mile!

I'll pray for her! :(
Answered Jun 03, 2013
Never stop looking for her, you'll find her soon don't worry, don't give up.
Answered Jun 03, 2013
Never give up just try finding her soon you will find her & enjoy with her.
Answered Jun 08, 2013
My cat ran away for one week & he came back. Just leave out food & I'll pray for your baby to come back :)
Answered Oct 08, 2013

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