I think I might be bisexsuel but not sure please help me !

So I like boys a lot and have so many crushes on many guys I know . I know i'm not lesbian and thanks god but these few day I started watching lesbian kissing on YouTube and some times porns too but elso I like to watch streight kissing and porns ! I look at girls when walking the streets ! oh and I forget to tell you i'm 14 going to be 15 in august .. so ..but I never wented to have a girlfriend befor .. and I know I like boys SO MUCH ... MOR THAN GIRLS .. but those watching kisses on YouTube and porns they gave me the though that I might be bisexsuel what I never want to be .. and many people gonna say " YOU MUST ACCEPT YOUSELF FOR WHO YOU ARE " and I knew that but you don't have to tell me ! So please help me ! am I a bisexsuel ? how do I stop it befor it get revolved ? and thanks P.S " I am a girl "
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Asked Jun 16, 2012
Edited Jun 16, 2012
it doesn't nescisarly mean you're bisexual, bisexual mean's you like and can have some sort of a connection with both sex's . you be with which ever you wan't and like or love them. I think that you just get turned on by lesbian's kissing. some people do get turned on by it , but it doesnt mean anything else then it. now if you like a girl, have a crush on her, or something of that nature, then you could say possibly about beeing bisexual.
Answered Jun 17, 2012
I agree. You aren't bisexual unless you are also emotionally capable of being in a relationship with a girl. Getting turned on by girl-on-girl doesn't mean you're bi.
Well you could be bi-curious like It can be a phase or you really like girls and you can't stop it it just happens and My friend is straight and she gets turned on when she watches girl-on-girl porn
Answered Jun 18, 2012

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