Does he like me? sexual tension?

ok, so this guy named Jaxon and I r friends and we r both always in the art room even though he has a spare during that time and I dont, I got art class :P. anyways this happened today (i copied and pasted it from when I told one of my friends):

today me and this guy (Jaxon, 16) were sitting in art class with out friend (Victoria, 15) and another "friend-aquaintance" type person come and joins us (Kiero pronounced key-row, 18) and she says " Jaxon, I sense u have alot of sexual tension with Taylor (me, 15)" and I ask her what it means and she said to google it but that didn't work well. later on Kiero was teasing Jaxon saying how "ugly" (joking of course) he is and I thought it was funny and decided to join inby saying stuff like " *sarcastic tone* ooo man, the ugliest of them all" and other joking things along those lines. after about 5 minutes of both of us teasing Jaxon, she says "omg u guys, u r totally foreplaying" (BTW, what exactly is sexual tension? and was that foreplaying? all the websites ive gone to have told me many different things)

it made me think that maybe we do have sexual tension and Kiero says she notices it more from Jaxon towards me.

also, he does pay quite a bit of attention towards me cuz he gives me lectures on life (i shud b more confident, im an amazing drawer and he wud never tell me otherwise, everybody is beautiful inside and out: no matter the sexuality, i'll find the right guy someday and I shouldn't b worried that i've never kissed or dated anyone, etc.) and he has forced me draw him to prove im a bad artist, yet he aperently "loved it" and now has it hanging in his locker.

a few days ago we were passing around a picture ( someone draws something, and another paerson adds to it and it goes on and on) and as he had the last couple of minutes, he gave it to me and wrote "sexy b. i. t. c. h." on it (we call eachother b. i. t. c. h., stud, dick, and other mean names as a joke). but he's never written sexy on it b4 and he's drawn me many pictures.

do u guys think he likes me? or is there any "sexual tension" there?? answer asap plz (the b .i .t .c .h. isnt an acronym for anything, I just dont want the stars showing)
Asked Jun 13, 2012
It sounds like he probably likes you.

As far as the "foreplay" and "sexual tension" go.... Um, no. Your friend is using words she doesn't understand. You're talking about actions that have severe consequences, so you should move slooooooowly.

Also... for privacy's sake... I hope you made up the names for the people involved. If not, you should change them. They haven't consented to having their names put here, so they shouldn't be here.
Answered Jun 14, 2012
severe consequinces?? like....? btw, I did change the names and am not a virgin if thats what ur worried about, I maybe young, but I have friends who have taught me "older things",(a.k.a. I lost my virginity when I was 12)
Geez. If you know older things, then certainly you know what the severe consequences are.
wud those "severe consequinces be broken heart? pregnancy? sti's?
ive gone throught heart break b4, ive had an abortion b4 and they say I have an 8 % chance of being able to get pregnant again and I use condoms.
Sounds like you're choosing to live a hard life. I don't know what I could possibly say to help. It sounds like you think you've got all the answers.
I kind of agree with skyDancer. It seems as though you've already experienced the majority of the whole 'like or love' portion of life and relationships, don't you already know how these things already work? Never mind, I'll leave my bia-ness at the door. My answer is simply:

I mean it sounds like "Jaxon" likes you, why don't you ask? Because assuming or guessing just makes life even harder and you're stuck thinking, 'does he' or 'does he not'? Life is little too short for that. Just ask.

*Also sexual tension is when two people both feel the desire to have sex.
Answered Jun 17, 2012
Edited Jun 17, 2012
idk how they work because my past relationships, both ppl (me and other person) have mutually agreed on no emotion relations, only physical.
you should watch and then move that is what needed because any error can move against your friend. give some more space and you will see actually what this guy wants as what you want you know very much clear so wait and watch.
Answered Jun 19, 2012
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