How to gain weight?

I'm to skinny! So how do I gain weight. I have GERD, so don't say like eat a lot of food non-stop! How long will it take as well? Thanks!
Asked Jun 13, 2012

[ Asad Shaukat Ali Malta]
Acid reflux is more about what you eat than how much. Try to learn which foods you can tolerate and consume more of them. Stress can surely contribute to GERD also.

Being "too skinny" is better for your health than being too fat so it does have an upside. How many 90 year old fat people do you know?
Answered Jun 13, 2012
This page has some tips:
Answered Jun 13, 2012
Bifidus Probiotic: It should be known that probiotics are good bacteria that are required in the proper functioning of the digestive system. Some of the benefits of Bifidus probiotic supplements are as follows.

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Answered Nov 28, 2019
There are many methods to gain weight firstly you start gym and side by side you take weight gain supplements but make sure supplements are natural and organic. you can also take SOY STRENGTH PROTEIN MIX I personally believe in this brand it's product are natural and organic
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Answered Dec 04, 2019
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Answered Dec 07, 2019
people often feel ashamed due to their slim skinny bodies. Actually, this happens because of not paying proper attention to food and drink, if you are also among such thin skinny people then you need to adopt some healthy tips. In fact, to gain weight, it is not necessary that you have to eat only in full, but in the way of gaining weight without inflating the body, you can gain weight easily by consuming some special foods. but today we will show you how to gain weight without inflating the body. For more details visit this site:-
Answered Nov 21, 2020

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