What were the advantages and disadvantages of the fur trade

Asked Jun 07, 2012
Murdering animals for pure fashion and vanity is a major disadvantage in many people's opinion. Many don't see an advantage to what they see as barbaric. Other people would say a disadvantage is having to deal with people who think like me.
Answered Jun 07, 2012
I agree with BrightStar.

Centuries ago, people had no option against the cold other than wearing fur garments. The advantage was that the trade provided warmth and comfort to those who lived in cold climates and gave people who lived in remote areas something of value to trade for things that were otherwise unavailable to them. The disadvantage was that it was done at the expense of the animals.

The time when making clothing from fur was necessary is far in the past. Warm and fashionable clothing are very affordable now so there is no reason to kill animals for it. Today, there are no advantages to what remains of the fur trade.
Answered Jun 08, 2012
Edited Jun 08, 2012
well this fur business has both side of the story . killing animals is really buturing is not fine enough but yes there were days when only fur was there and people use to wear only that jackets and hence we can not deny the fact that people were using fur jackets to overcome the cold and prevent our-self in ancient times and I think its ok.
Answered Jun 19, 2012
its bad that they kill animals
Answered Nov 02, 2012
yea kevinizazome21 thats right
Answered Nov 05, 2012
I love you kevin
I think that they didn't really care cause they were killing the animas but they were also getting meat to feed their families. so to them it was worth it plus they also were getting pelts. witch is more important your families warmth health and comfort or the animals life. I would kill for my families health.
Answered Nov 14, 2016

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