Does sex really hurt?

does it really hurt during sex when this
flap of skin in your cervix is cut?? Cuz I dunno until now I'm really afraid of having sex becuz of it and does it hurt when the guys penis is inside my body??? How does it really feel?? Cuz im really really scared and my boyfriend invited me to his house and im going tom. But im really afraid he's gonna try to have sex or sth cuz im really scared!! It's my first time u know?? And I've never in my whole life masturbated!! Does this mean I really have to?? And I hear alot of ppl sayin I started masturbatin when I was 7 and stuff and now im 13!! And I really wanna try to masturbate but Idk im just confused and scared!! Help pls??
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Asked Jun 05, 2012
Edited Jun 05, 2012
Everything you wrote indicates that you are not ready to have sex with your boyfriend. It is very important that you listen to that inner voice. Once you take that step, you can't undo it... so you better be absolutely sure you won't regret it... and that you are mature enough to handle the consequences (when you two break up, if you get an std, if you get pregnant.)

When the hymen is broken, you will probably feel a little soreness, but it's not anything like when you cut your finger or something like that.

Before you become sexually active, you need to understand everything in this entire section of this website:
Answered Jun 05, 2012
if our not ready the dont do it.. simple, I did and I regret it every day and im 14.
Answered Jun 06, 2012
That's abit... Young?
first off u are thirteen u shouldnt even be thinking about that yet ok I just think thats wrong. and you should really not even be asked stuff like that on this website if your thirteen. sooooooo yeah idk if anyone else is going to answer but u should really not be thinking about that right now
Answered Jun 05, 2012
yeah it does hurt the 1st time, sometimes the second. I have a friend tho, and this sounds kinda weird, but I guess it worked. anyway, she bought a dildo online and popped her own cherry so that her 1st time wouldn't be painful
Answered Jun 06, 2012
sex is made of love you know
Answered Jun 12, 2012
if u r scared don't do it just say no
Answered Sep 08, 2013
im thirteen now and I've never even had a boyfriend so there's no reason to think your too late because your never too late.
Answered Sep 08, 2013
Just engage in lots of foreplay and use proper lubrication. And use a condom!! Every. Single. Time. And lastly, get your bf to use a penis health creme that has Vitamin E and shea butter in it. This will moisturize his penis skin and make for easier entry and better sex overall. You can get one of these cremes online. Hope this info helps and good luck.
Answered Nov 22, 2017

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