Love triangle help!

So long story short. I have been with my boyfriend for 8 months now, I love him very much. However three days into the relationship I ran into a old flame(girl). We started talking and within a week we was seeing each other. Shes like the funniest person going, shes so cute but HOT. BUT recently she just keeps snapping at me for everything, when I ask her why shes so angry just says "its you, you make me like this", I dont know if I should leave her alone or not. The worse thing is that she showed me a picture of a girl I think she may be seeing, which has just made me so jealous. I dont want her to see other girls, but I dont mind boys. Shes everything im looking for in a girl doe. HELP PLEASE.
Asked May 30, 2012
The only way you can have successful relationships with two people at the same time is if neither of them care anything about you. You're the one creating the triangle. If you want to get out of it you have to make a choice.
Answered May 30, 2012
It sounds like the toll of your "relationship" is becoming too much for her to handle. If someone is angry and says it's because of you, then it sounds like the two of you are toxic for each other. This won't last long. It sounds like she's coming to her senses. Considering you "love" someone else, you aren't in the best position to be jealous or be upset that she may want more for herself. Just from what you wrote, it sounds like you're more interested in "having" her than "caring" for her. She deserves better. So does he.
Answered May 30, 2012

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