How do I get my Best friends to like me we r both bi(girls)

okay so hers the story she knows I like her and yes we r both bi but she likes another girl and this bi sexual guy and it hurts me so bad wen she flirts with them right in front of me,like today we were cuddling then the bisexual guy she likes comes up to her then they start play fighting,but see she cuddles with sumtimes and stares at me alot but she is emo she shes like emotionly detatch so she might like me but be too scared to say so,so my questions do I find out if she likes me or not and no I cant just ask like I said shes emotionly detached a lil so she might just lie and say no
Asked May 18, 2012
Well, it would be her problem if she likes you but lies to you saying no...
Do nice things for her and show her that you really care and like her. Be patient and let her have her time.
But in fact, I don't think she is emotionally detached in case she flirts with her crushes that way. I mean... I can't see the shy and get-scared part from what you've said.
Answered May 19, 2012
ask a friend to ask for u
Answered Oct 23, 2012

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