Im so confused HELP HELP HELP!

i have a boyfriend who I love soo much. but im seeing a girl on the side, whom I have know a long time before my boyfriend but it never worked out. I bumped back into her 3 days after getting with my boyfriend and everything going really well with the both of them. She knows about him but he dont know about her. Im with my boyfriend everyday as we go to the same school. shes older by 2 years and out of school. So I dont see her as much. Recently, we have been having problems, she knows I have soooo much feeling for her, but she keeps telling me shes seeing other people. my heart brakes everytime she tells me this and we have the biggest arguments say the most horrible things to each other, she keeps telling me im selfish and a hyprocrite. but I cant live without her or stay angry at her for know time because shes sooooo HOTTTTTTT!!! FUNNY, (shes da only prson that can make me cry in laugher ), caring and supportive. what should I do?
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Asked May 12, 2012
She's right, you are being selfish and hypocritical. You can't expect her to be your one-and-only while you're playing both sides of the fence and you can't expect to have a meaningful relationship with your boyfriend with all of the deceit going on behind his back. Live your life in the sunshine. Just make a choice and stick to it.
Answered May 12, 2012
i think that u should just tell ur boyfriend cus he would probably be ok with it if not even like it and go from there even tho me typing tis right now is probs a whast of time seens as it 2013 but hay ho
Answered Feb 03, 2013
Try and take time away from the girl because she's taken if u do go out and she with someone and your with someone your just going to break hearts
Answered Nov 21, 2013
Tell your boyfriend the truth and figure out who you want to pursue, if the girl is in another relationship I agree with "ask me" all you will do is break hearts if you keep being sneaky with them both.
Answered Nov 30, 2013

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