Why do jobs hire incompetent people and people who cant speak any english,

yet people with degrees, skills and common sense are out of work. do you have to put on a front to get hired these days?
Then some jobs tell people that they are over qualified. I don’t understand it, folks just want to work. if potential employees were so worried about how much they were going to get paid etc.. I don’t think they would apply just anywhere, but this economy is so bad, people just want a job, and employees aren’t really hiring anyone with a degree etc... its like going to college is pointless. Some of these people I see in these establishments make me wonder about the hiring manager, what kind of drug were they on when they hired this person. it amazes me when I get turned down for a job, and I go in to see who was hired, I’m like for real, this girl cant even speak any English, or this man cant even take an order correctly. I’m so lost, I’m about ready to just give up.
do I have to dumb down my resume, or act like im retarded, kiss butt, let people walk all over me, lie about my racial background.... I dont know cuz I am lost! what do these jobs want?
Asked May 04, 2012
From the business's perspective, it costs them money to train a new employee. No matter how well your are educated, there are almost no jobs that you can walk into and just go to work. To flip hamburgers for a living, you have to know the business's routine and that takes time to train you, often weeks or months.

Most "human resources" people look to fit people to the job. If they hire someone with a degree to do a menial job, they know that person is there temporarily until jobs become available in their field. If they can hire someone whose level of competence fits the job, that person may be there for years or even decades.

You may be right. Next time, ask, "Whaz a rezzume?" :-)

Answered May 04, 2012
This is also a pet peeve of mine. I think it's because they are willing to work cheap. You have every right to be angry. My son has his Masters in Social Work and Counselling and he had to work at Shoprite and Lowels. It's so wrong to encourage and tell people to go to college when they know damn well there are hardly any jobs. They will have to start life off in debt before they even had a chance to start their life. The government is a trip.
Answered Apr 30, 2014
Edited Apr 30, 2014

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