I dont know whats wrong with her

ok so im 15f and have a gf (me and her are bi) and she has been telling me bout her father he threated her over the phone saying his goner cut her throught and he has belted her, put her in hospitle and has put a knife to her throught. she now lives with her mother and she doesnt hit her or nothing but. a couple days ago she told me it was over with all this stuff thats happening she doesnt have time for a relationship. and I begged for her back (this was over facebook) and she took me back. but for some reason she doesnt talk to me over facebook and everytime I want to come over her place or meet up with her she ether doesnt reply back or says shes not home and everytime I say I love you she doesnt say it back like am I doing something wrong can I do something for her or should I just leave her and hope that she will be ok with out me? cause I want whats best for her but I dont wanter lose her what should I do to
Asked Apr 22, 2012
Edited Apr 22, 2012
It seems like she is emotionally scarred form when she lived with her dad.maybe she just needs some time away from you(no offense intended)
Answered Apr 22, 2012
Yeah I agree you need to give her some time. She just really needs a complete break from everyone so that she can fix herself without having to worry about the pressures of relationships and etc. but yeah you should give her the space that she wants. if you really love her you will give her the space that she needs.
Answered Jul 18, 2012
I agree. It is very dangerous to be in a romantic relationship with an emotionally scarred individual. You will most likely end up being scared yourself. Give her space. If she doesn't come back to you, it'll hurt but you will be more experienced. Not trying to be a downer or offensive.
Answered Jul 22, 2012

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