I'm going out of my mind please help me?

I'm a girl - I REALLY like this girl who's a lesbian I can't stop thinking about her and I aimlessly walk around the common room just to wait till she comes down. We talk a lot and every time she's with me I alway make her laugh loads she says she will miss me when this year ends cos we do live quite far away, we always play fight and the other day I had my arm sort of leaning on the side and her shoulder was underneath she moved her shoulder so that my arm was resting on her. She's stayed in my room before nothing happened just play fighting a little bit an leaning on each other - when I was drunk I sorta passed out on her but when I woke up I remember she had her arm around me an was like stroking me. This is the confusing part we don't really txt or talk on fb if I txt her she will text back but it's minimal conversation and usually we speak loads when we are together. I'm just confused nd really want to know if she likes me cos I'm really falling for her fast!
Asked Apr 21, 2012
Well that's said ! it's really confused ! maybe at that night when you were drunk you kissed her or something like that and she didn't want that happend and decided to not to tell you, and not talk to you very much .
Answered Apr 21, 2012
I definitely didn't kiss her and she was normal with me
The next day...
than what's the problem exactly ?
bouchra May 26, 2012
It sounds like she likes you...does she ever stare or smile at you alot? She may like you or is trying to be a good friend i'd need more info before I could tell you.
Answered Apr 21, 2012
Yeah when we look into each others eyes she always has this cheeky little grin, well she takes the piss out of me a lot like just joking about. Last night she mailed me and said why cant you be here....because I've come home for the weekend...
next time you see her you should tellher how you feel then try to kiss her.if she is mad at you after that then she doesnt like you.
Are you crazy I can't do that :/ I'm too scared lol!!
No kissing her would be the wrong move because if she doesnt feel the same way it will seriously screw up yalls friendship. But it sounds like she does like you a bit. Go with what your heart tells you. Do what you want. :)
Thanks for all the advice - I told her she freaked said that she didn't wana ruin our friendship head fucked for 4 days so I went home she realised what she wanted and now we've been together for a month and it's going really well :)

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