Im 17 and im pregnant and the father is 25 can we get married

im from texas and I want to marry my fiance but he is 25 and im scare that I would get him in trouble but can I still get married with him
Asked Apr 17, 2012
You need to talk to your parents. If they're willing to accept the idea of you getting married, without it becoming a big legal issue, the pedophile may be able to avoid serious jail time. If your dad's attitude is anything like mine would be, lover-boy would need to be on his horse headed for the border right now.
Answered Apr 17, 2012
I agree. I'd have called the cops on this guy at the beginning of this.
You can't get married without ur parents' permission. Even if they consent, u should really think about if this is smart. Getting pregnant by a guy who is old enough that he should not be having sex with a child shows bad judgement on both sides, but you don't have to make it worse by getting stuck in a marriage at such a young age. Your parents may be furious, but they will help u take care of the baby so u can go to school and have some semblance of a normal young adult life. Any sense of normalcy is gone if you get married. Then you will have to worry about running a household, dealing with the stress and responsibility of marriage, AND the stress of being a new mother. Focus on the baby. Avoid the marriage problems on top of it.Besides, a 25 year old who has sex with a 17 year old child is NOT husband material. You should really step back and think about this clearly.

Age of consent in TX is 17. Unless u got pregnant while u were still 16, there is no proof of him committing a sex crime.
Answered Apr 17, 2012
i did not get pregnant when I was 16 im going to be turning 18 in october so I got pregnant now that im 17
I totally agree with Rob and BrightStar. A 25yo who's with a 17yo is a pedophile. There's something really wrong here.

Think about this carefully. Whatever you decide, make sure that you are able to continue your education. Being a young mother, being a married teenager, and not being educated enough to construct grammatically correct sentences (unless English is a foreign language for you) are THREE BIG STRIKES against you and your future. If you have to choose between marriage and education, pick education.
Six Reasons Not to Marry Young
Whilst this may be wrong and illegal (in your state), age of consent here is 17, and I would be more concerned about the father being a father, if he wants to marry you, this can only be a good outcome (from a bad situation)
Answered Apr 20, 2012
U have to wait till ur 18 ifu don't have permission.
Answered Dec 05, 2012
Marriage is a lifelong commitment and not just a temporary fix for having a kid, be careful who you choose, especially when your under stress by society while pregnant, do whats right for you, not society

Think, do you really want to marry this man?

What will your child think when they find out you only married to not get judged

They may think marriage is a joke and a quick fix for a problem.

Has this man ever hurt you or upset you without good reason, if yes then it will just get worse in time.

Please think about what your doing, you may just be ruining your own life at the same time
Answered Sep 13, 2013
You are still young and confused at this age just focus on the pregnancy for now once you have given birth go back to school and get educated you are in no position to get married
Answered Sep 13, 2013

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