How can I convince my mom I did the right thing by breaking up with her?

my mom was like if you and your girlfriend were still together she could prolly help you find a job, (cuz she needs help with the bills) I said ma my ex treated me like SHIT, thats why im not with her now, so what if shes working, I dont care, she aint doing nothing for me. shes tried 3 times to get back into my life and I said NO and for all the right reasons. ill find work soon, ive been fine without her, I keep to myself now. I told my mom I dont take threats lightly (TRY ME) is a threat all in itself even if they dont act on it, but could just when they want too. I dont appreciate being nonexsist to her when shes around someone and feels that she cant introduce me, yet when we were out together we'd hold hands but when shes around someone she knows she acts like she dont know me, and then she sat there and balled up her fist all pissed and uncomfortable and I dont appreciate her telling her fam she dont know why I dont come around when she damn well knew why. I was nothing but good to her and her kids, and this is the thanks I got. shes never aplogized to me. I honestly think that my ex is so used to being treated like shyt that when she finally met someone who wanted to treat her right, and she didnt know how to appreciate that and felt that she had to treat me the same way she was treated because she stayed in that crapy relationship, well, I didnt. I left. I dont know if that was some form of abuse she was doing towards me? I even offered to be her friend and I was honest and let her know that I didnt feel comfortable being around her after what happened between us (heck, would you?) and I told her that we could talk on the phone until I felt more comfortable, and she couldnt accept that cuz she said to me (Sasha, its okay everything is fine, no harm done) and stopped speaking after that, so obviously she still wants a relationship with me, am I right?. its like its all about her and her wants aka (selfishness) and not us and thats why we cant even be friends. but my mom doesnt understand that.
Asked Apr 17, 2012
Your mom doesn't *have* to understand. Your choice is valid, and you don't need her seal of approval. Stand firm in your decision to keep your ex out of your life. Tell your mother that this is something the two of you will have to agree to disagree about. In the future, whenever she brings it up, tell her you love her and you understand her concern for you, but this isn't something you are able to discuss. If she continues, either leave the room or don't respond.
Answered Apr 17, 2012
I agree. Sometimes there's just no reasoning with mums.

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