Im A Girl Whos Cazy In Love With Another Girl And Im So Confused, Help?!

Okay so ive known this girl for about a whole school year and at first I just thought of her as one of my good friends...then I had a dream about her and suddenly I had feelings for her and I keep haveing dreams about her. I love her so much shes so amazing and beautiful but shes straight and I thought I was, ive never thought about dating or kissing a girl before her. I dont know if I should tell her or not I dont want to screw up our friendship or her to hate me. Shes told me shes okay with haveing gay friends as long as they dont like her and then thats where I come in. Shes just so amazing and I love her so much. And sometimes it seems like she may like me back im just no sure, like we're always makeing eye contact and shes so sweet to me sometimes. Im always finding an excuse to touch her (not what your thinking) I mean like tickle her or bump arms, or find a excuse to "friendly" put my arm around her. Shes all I can think and talk about shes my whole world I want to tell her that I like her but am so afraid of what she will say. Im so very confused ive never liked girls like this before. I think about kissing her and like it...whats going on? Someone please help before I go crazy.
Asked Apr 15, 2012
Okay. Every girl goes through this hun, so dont worry. What you need to do is let her know before she finds out by your actions and doesn't want to be you friend. I know it feels like you really like her, but she could possibly feel the same way, or she could think your just being a really good friend. She wouldn't want to lose you. & you obviously wouldn't want to lose her. Think wisely. These feelings are beyond your control. So just relax, breathe and think. Is it worth it.
Answered Apr 15, 2012
Thanks this really helped ive talked to the few friends who know about it and they think I should tell her too so im telling her wednesday about how I feel about her. Thanks alot :)
Im happy for you. Your welcome :)
I told her today that I liked her and were still good friends, thanks so much for the help :)
I see you've deleted the last topic... I hope you've read my answer.
Straight girls are NOT worth it. She has said absolutely clearly what her sexual orientation and position towards bi/les/gays is. This is not going to lead anywhere near good.
Still, good luck. I hope you don't lose her as a friend.
Answered Apr 17, 2012
I delted the last one because I wanted to add more. And yeah I read it. I I dont even know if im bi or lesiban or what, thats why I posted this because im so confused and was hopeing for a good answer.
Well, it is probably just a phase or you are attracted to this one girl and no other because of the hormones in this age. :) It is pretty normal.
However, your girl is straight as hell as far as I see and it seems to me that you both are going to end up hurt if you reveal your intentions. :( So I think you should try to get all this energy and attraction in another direction, where you'd find affection.
Well I told her today and everythings fine were still good friends we talked about it and we both agree this is too stupid to get inbetween out friendship

Well that's great :) see, you don't need anyone other's opinion to know what's the right move

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