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I have the camera's up and running. It is connected into the router and I have all the correct IP addresses. I have TWO places right next to eachother and I have two different IP addresses for both. I am able to view them individually on my computer as well. The issue I am having is being able to veiw them AT HOME, because I have the two camera's on the same network so to say I only have the ONE IP address to bring home to my laptop and it will only let me view the ONE shop, NOT both. Is there a way I can view both?
Asked Apr 13, 2012
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Answered Apr 13, 2012
I have tryed that, they didnt seem to know themselves. They keep telling me they're going to call me back, and never do.
aas2012 Apr 13, 2012
What you're trying to do is surely possible, at least to switch between two cameras and feed the the output over one IP but it would have to be written into the software. If the people that made it can't tell you how to do it, I doubt you'll have much success here.
Rob Apr 13, 2012
This is really important for you to see whether your ip is static or dynamic. Dynamic IP gives you this type of problem. Ask your ISP to change it to static and to know more about this visit :

Answered Oct 16, 2012
You can get a 4 channel u s b dvr easy capture program and adapter for less than $20.00. plug in usb adapter, run software and set up. takes about 10 minutes.
Answered Dec 23, 2013

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