Should I quit my job or keep it till I find another one?

I started work about two weeks ago as a cashier at a large gas station chain part of my job is stocking the store and lifting 60lbs I under estimated how bad my back is getting. my sciatica is getting worst every day to the point my can't stand most days. I have come to the sad conclusion even tho I like my job and I do desperately need it I can not continue the stocking part of my job I feel betrayed by my body and my doctor has written me a not saying no lifting but that is a key part of my job I have quietly started looking for a different job but it is unfair to the company and other employees for me to stay but I do badly need to work I have three kids to support as a single mom. what should I do?
Asked Apr 11, 2012
Hi ! Tell your boss about your back problem and ask him if there is another job that you can do there until your back is better ? Thanks
Tell your supervisor what you have written above and ask if he/she has any ideas for ways to do the job without so much lifting. Something like like using a hand truck, a rolling table or splitting the boxes in half to lighten the weight load.

It is normally not wise to quit one job without having somewhere else to go but I wouldn't consider this "normal." Whether or not you quit depends on how long you can live with the current situation.
Answered Apr 11, 2012
Edited Apr 11, 2012
I rarely have to handle anything HR/disability related so I don't know much about it... but it might be worthwhile to figure out if you have any sort of disability protection due to having a chronic condition and see if your employer is required to make reasonable accommodation for you to be able to do your job. I'm not sure of the laws and specifics...
Answered Apr 12, 2012
When you can manage a stealth job search and walk into your boss' office to give notice knowing that you have another job to go to, it's a wonderful thing. Real life doesn't always work out that way, though. There are times when you can't pursue an under-the-radar job search and keep your current job, too. our question touches on two different, but equally important aspects of the current job market, and you will need to weigh each one carefully before making your decision. First, as the unemployment rate reaches double-digit figures and competition for positions continues to grow, the conventional wisdom is that having a job – any job, even one you hate – is preferable to prolonged joblessness. Explore jobs and find better at
Answered Nov 22, 2017

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