What is the average 13 year olds penis length

Could only 13 year old answer and be honest it doesn't help or impress anyone if you lie so don't do it.

Could you please fill out the following thing:

Length(non erect):
Girth(non erect):
Amount of pubic hair:
Amour of other body hair:
Have you masturebaited:
Do you feel small:

DO NOT LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Asked Mar 26, 2012
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Milkdud Dec 13, 2012
The requests for photos were removed.
admin Apr 13, 2013
Hi no offence but at your age you shouldn't really worry about that your only 12 jeez no ones gonna look at your penis and your not gonna have sex so just leave it. It will grow on its own

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Answered Mar 27, 2012
Length 1.5 in normal
Length 3.5 with a boner
1 inch
1 inch
Not that much
13 years old
Answered Mar 09, 2013
A lot
Not much
Answered Apr 06, 2013
That's Huge!
you can't be 12
No ur not 13. Not a chance
I'm 12. I have 7
Wut Jul 26, 2018
Non erect 5 inches
Erect 10.2 inches
Girth non erect 3 inches
Girth Erect 3.9 inches
Pubic Hair: about a handful (I shaved 3-4 times)
Body hair: 1 inch all over my chest stomach back and my legs
I have masturbated about 27 times
No I feel like I am proud with my dick it's huge when girls look at it (even non-erect)
I am about 5.8 foot
I have like a 4pack and have upper body strength (I go to the gym with my Big bro)
I have done sex few times with my girlfiriends (I have 3) They have a slender body and average big titts :))
Im 13 years old, I am not lying , most people dont believe me, but thats what you think, I dont care
Hope this helped :)))
Answered Apr 13, 2013
i may belive the hair but nothing abot you penis, youll be the biggest of your age on record if you did record it
And ur girth is 4 inch that's a lie. That's way exaggerated
you are lying that would be the like the biggest ever 13 year ood penis. dude you just just want to look cool so stop bieng a douche and help people. I doubt you hage had sex ur well inder the age of consent. I your telling the truth you probably measured wrong or in centimeters.
sponery Nov 05, 2013
Length(non erect): 2
Length(erect): 2.8
Girth(erect): idk
Girth(non erect): idk
Amount of pubic hair: tiny amount (soft bristles)
Amour of other body hair: none
Have you masturebaited: yes, a few months
Do you feel small: yes
Age: 13
Answered Apr 16, 2013
is this small?
yes, but is not a micropenis, there are smallers
Length(non erect): 2.7
Length Erect: 4.1
Girth Erect:1.2
Girth non-erect:1
Pubic hair: a bit not alot
Have you masturbated: Yes, ounce or twice a month
Do you feel small: Yeah
Age: 13
Answered May 04, 2013
length non errect: 3.6inch
length erect: 5inch
girth erect: 1.3
girth non erect: 1
pubic hair: a lot
other body hair: I have literally no ther body hair apart from hair eyebrows eye lashes and that.
have you masturbated: Yes quite a bit
Do u feel small: Yes I do
Age: 12
Answered May 22, 2013
Edited May 22, 2013
Emaku u have a big one :)
Answered Jun 05, 2013
ength(non erect):3 inch
Length(erect): 6 inch
Girth(erect):2 inch
Girth(non erect):1 inch
Amount of pubic hair: ends at pubic bone
Amour of other body hair:arms legs moustache and armit
Have you masturebaited: every night
Do you feel small:a bit
Answered Jun 16, 2013
how you walk with that!?, is bigger than my cousin, and he is 24
Length(non erect) : 2.5 inches
Length( erect ) : 5 inches
Girth ( non erect) : 2 inches
Girth (erect ) : 4 inches
Amount of pubic hair : a little around the balls and penis
Amount of hair on other parts of body : armpit
Have you masturbated : yes and people suck me too
Do you feel small : abit
Age : 13
Answered Jun 16, 2013
Mine is 2 non erect and 3 erected I feel average have pubic hair and hair everywhere else exept butt I have masturbated and am 12
Answered Jun 20, 2013
Length non erect 4 inch average
Length erect 5 inch
Girth none erect idk
Girth erect idk
Pubic hair a lot
Other hair arm pit
Masterbate yes
How often 1 or 2 a day
Do u feel small no I don't
Answered Aug 13, 2013
Length: 3"
Length(erected) 4"
A pretty moderate amount
Pubic hair: some
Armpit hair a bit
I fell pretty small
Answered Aug 16, 2013
Age: just turned 13
ZruvZ Aug 16, 2013
lenghth non erect: 4
lenght erect: 6.5
girth erect:1.8
hair: armpit and arm
pubic hair: a lot
masterbate: no
fell small: no
age: 13
Answered Nov 05, 2013
Edited Nov 05, 2013
3 in soft 5 in hard
Answered Aug 08, 2016
There is no definite size for your age. The bottom line is that the average erect male penis is 6 inches. You still have many years to grow so just be patient and try not to worry. You can use one of those penis health cremes though.. these deliver important vitamins and nutrients directly to the penis, which keep it extra healthy, clean, smooth and functional. These things are way more important than size anyway. Hope this helps.
Answered Sep 29, 2016
Doesn't matter how big your dick is. Just leave it. It will grow. Some are big others are small. My friend, 4 inches. Me 7 inches and I'm 12
Answered Jul 26, 2018
Don't worry about size dude. The average erect penis size is right around 6 inches... so you should be fine. Regardless, make sure to use a penis health creme daily to ensure that the area is getting the proper amount of vitamins and proteins... this will keep it functioning at a high level and extra clean too. Good luck ya'll.
Answered Mar 10, 2020

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