Why are my ears swollen and red after wearing silver earings

Ok so when I go to the shops I get silver cheap £1 earrings from Primark,secondary shops. And after I day I take them off there red swollen and they look like they've been bleedin

Can anyone help it hurts
Asked Mar 25, 2012
Considering that silver is currently selling at about $32 per ounce, my first suspicion would be that they may not be made of real silver. Some of the alloys that shine like silver contain nickle and lots of people are allergic to nickle. A good test would be to tape one of the earrings flat against your skin for a day or two and see if a rash develops.

Answered Mar 25, 2012
Yor probly allergic like I am to nickle jst try to avoid it or mabey u need to clean them try some other stuff such as gold,plastic and u can go to clairs they have nickle free earings idk what ever works
Answered Mar 26, 2012

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