I'm really getting annoyed by my best friends

So I have this weird thing going on with my feelings. Usually I was the one some of my friends couldn't stand after hanging out too much with me but now its kinda the other way around.
I have this best friend and I'm also really good friends with his girlfriend but when they have a sleepover at my house, he goes to bed at 11 p.m. or something "early" although he promised we would stay up late and have a drink or two or play video games and stuff. Even one time when he stayed here alone he fell asleep so early.. and then I'm always awake thinking "what the fuck am I doing wrong? or why the fuck is he even here if he only wants to sleep anyway!?"
So luckily another friend was staying over with whom I could play games with then. And now we have this little chatroom where it's only him, his girlfriend, her sister and me and since he's also there he's totally starting to piss me off.. he's always complaining, like ALL THE TIME about what he wants and how exhausting his work is. But when I start to say something I don't like he's just like "stop being so whiny".
what the fuck is going on? Is it really just me and my feelings acting weird and being easily annoyed or is he really acting strange?
Asked Mar 22, 2012
To me, it sounds like he is just being a complaining jerk. He wants people to notice him so he makes himself look poor. When you try to say something, he makes you out to look like you are whining so that the attention will stay on him.
Answered Mar 22, 2012
Sometimes it's not about right ot wrong. Sometimes people just aren't compatible. Maybe you all just aren't a good fit.
Answered Mar 22, 2012

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