Does getting the upper ear pierced hurt?

In two weeks I'm getting my ears pierced above my standars ear piercings and I have just realised I have enough money to get my upper ear pierced which I have wanted for about 8 years now however my mum has never agreed. She has now, and I'm so excited but I have a low pain tolerance not very low but low enough, you know? Well I would just lie to know if it hurts a lot? Thanks very much for all answers. :)
Asked Mar 12, 2012
No actually it doesn't hurt that much, I got my upper ear pierced last summer and so did my second pierce from below. The lower part hurt more than the upper, that is it didn't hurt at all! You'll just feel like a small pinch in the ear, it wouldnt even hurt. just be distracted and you won't even notice..Good Luck:)
Answered Mar 12, 2012
Thanks a lot :) I was really nervous about getting it done.
Giggles Mar 13, 2012
Well to me it didn't hurt I got my aunt made my pierced ears when I was 5!! She bought earrings told my mom I'm putting earring holes and she did it REALY fast and I got my second hole a week ago it dosent hurt that mi hits like some one pinched it
Answered Jun 06, 2013

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