What is the normal size for a 12 year old boys penis?

Hi, I'm a 12 year old boy and my penis is 3" (not erect) and 4" erect) is that normal or small or large, please give me your feed back.
Asked Mar 10, 2012
ur 12 inches?
sesti82 Dec 20, 2012
mine is 6 at erect, is that ok?
sesti82 Dec 20, 2012
Mine is the same as david2000 and I'm 11
I'm 7" I'm 12 just turned a few days ago. Natural but everyone grows and ages different so your may not be the size of everyone else's and that's perfectly normal bro.
I'm 7" just turned 12 a few days ago 5 soft 7 hard it's ok it doesn't have to be 12 inches when your 10-12 it's natural and it's not uncommon to be small because everyone grows and matures differently and some are slower than others.
According to a couple of different sources, a 12 year old's penis should be a little under 3 inches. So you are above average although almost any size is considered normal.
Answered Mar 10, 2012
Thank you so much. I was getting kinda worried that it was too small
I am eleven and my dick is 3 1/2 inches.
555555 Apr 27, 2019
mmm not true people always say it should be 3 or under but the smallest that ik of would be 4
Answered Dec 20, 2012
wt? is this normal? my penis at erect is 6
sesti82 Dec 20, 2012
lol I'm almost 7 erect and I'm 12 xD
uwu Jun 23, 2019
I'm 11 gonna be 12 in August by the way. Now on to the important part I think it's about 3 or 4 inches.
Answered Feb 10, 2013
mine hard 3 1/2 soft 2
Answered Jul 23, 2013
Small dick bok you are
Sorry but the kid who said he had a 7" is a lie he is bullcrapping so he thinks he has got a big one but don't worry its normal 4 ur size cos I got a 3.2 " flaccid and 4.5 erect so ur alright and I'm probably ur age but I might be thurther through puberty because people change a different stages so ur normal trust me I have seen people in my skl, (same year as me) and they have Tiny ones, and I do mean small it is worrying so if anything u are maybe just above average, (and btw when I said people have tiny ones its cos a skl trip and this person said 'I'm going nude' and he had gone nude and someone turned on the lights /: ) so I didn't look on pourpous !
Answered Jul 30, 2013
but I have 7 inches tho and im 12 so he could be telling the truth
hiitsme Jun 02, 2019
Mine is 2 non erect and a 3.1 erect so I guess it's ok
Answered Jul 30, 2013
My dick is 5 inches long and I am 12-13.
for real im 11 and my is 4 lol I guess we got big dicks XD
kik Jul 12, 2017
mine is 3 and half soft 4 and 3 quarters erected
RAWR Dec 30, 2017
mine is at abt almost 3 soft 4.7 ish hard lol I really wanted to see what average is because people at school always say they have big ones lmao there gay as hell, I turned 13 about 20 ish days ago
idek Jun 24, 2019
i have a desise in my penius its too big
dude im 12 to and from wht I have read online your penis is the average size mine is 5 inches erect a little above average Β¦)
Answered Aug 12, 2013
Stop bragging :(
mine is 8 and im 12 wow I GOT A BIG DICK
Answered Sep 04, 2013
Vvvvvvvagfd shut up mate your makeing them feel bad
I'm just saying I think ur lying because 8 is way to big for a boy that was 12 I bet ur 13 or something but I seriously don't believe when a guy says he has that big of a dick and I'm a girl so to me your saying that you actually have a small dick k? If u read this I hope u know that I'm calling u a liar πŸ˜‘ and just saying that doesn't help anyone that's concerned about their sizes. I'm a girl and I'm just curious about boys that's my reason to wanna know 12 year old penis sizes cuz I am a 12 year old girl and lots of guys say that they have big dicks but this actually helps me know the truth so quit lying
Stupid no it is not your just joking
Ethab Nov 16, 2016
y da fuv a girl here....... WERE TALKING ABOUT PENIS SIZE
RAWR Dec 30, 2017
hey i'm 12 and I have a 6 inch when hard and 3 when soft is that normal I know it's weird but I still think it's small
when I was 12 my dick was 5 inches when hard. Now I'm 15 and my dick is about 7 inches - my buddy measured it with a ruler. I measured his at 61/2 inches. We jacked each other off after the measuring. I came first, and it felt real good having someone else's hand on it. My buddy came too and he hollered louder than I did.
Answered Oct 12, 2013
Wtf mate
Dude not saying this is bad... but ur gay
Camera Aug 14, 2017
your buddy.... can I join~^~
RAWR Dec 30, 2017
ok nvm I did not read the rest OMG very ...... vivid deatails
RAWR Dec 30, 2017
Have you hit puberty
Im 12 and im 4.4 inches hard and 3.3 soft I wanna no is that little or small for my age
Answered Dec 20, 2013
Your a big dick boiii
um im a girl ♀ lol..
Answered Mar 18, 2014
Good for youπŸ€—
Camera Aug 14, 2017
i ask again y da fuv a girl here
RAWR Dec 30, 2017
why tf is a girl searching the average size of a 12 year olds penis
I boned 697777777 mentally
What when I was 10 my dick was 7" hard 5" soft but I stared puberty at like 9

Answered Sep 08, 2014
Dude its impossible to go over 7" when 14 years old so I don't think ten years will make it... Nice try
Joeshe Dec 19, 2014
so right ''beastybrennan''

good Job
Your lyeing not cool man :(
Big dick boiiiiiii
Mine is "3" flaccid and "5" erect
Answered Sep 11, 2014
Wow lucky mines only 2 inches erect!!! And I'm 12
Im 1 flaccid and 3 erect im also 12
weirdos I dont measser my DICK

Answered Oct 22, 2014
how is it weird???? it is normal to measure our penis. we are finding answers to see if our penis is average because we might be diagnose with a type of penis growth disorder etc.. and if you think its weird why did you search this up or seek answers... ???
We are just couriers and why would you search it up if you don’t want to now :(πŸ˜’
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Answered Nov 22, 2014
Who cares 😐
honestly yeah xD
uwu Jun 24, 2019
I will fuck your girl for you
I'm not a boy like you guys are but all I'm looking for is a positive answer because at my age (12) I think it's weird being curious about boys but that's just what type of girl I am so also boys that are 12 I'm just looking to see if you guys are telling the truth that you guys have a big penis and now I definitely know you guys lie about your length so if you have a πŸ‘‰positiveπŸ‘ˆ answer just tell me or if your uncomfortable to tell a girl that's your age I'm ok with that

If you have any questions or anything just comment or
Email me at πŸ‘‰[email protected]πŸ‘ˆ don't waste my time telling false answers
Thanks ✌️
Answered Apr 21, 2015
its not weird girls can be curious also every one have hormons

RAWR Dec 30, 2017
I am being honest my is 2 soft and 3 hard

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Answered Jun 03, 2015
Bro I'm 11 and I'm 4 hard and about 3 soft
Answered Jun 19, 2015
me to!
kik Jul 12, 2017
Wow I'm 12 and mine is 2 inches! I guess mine is small
I'm 13 and mine is 1 so don't feel bad
djd7589 Dec 03, 2018
That's okay mine is 0.25 inches errect
magictt Apr 29, 2019
wow I feel bad dude im 6 hard
My cock is 8 inches long and 6.5 around.
Answered Apr 01, 2016
Im 11 and mine 6 inches hard
Answered Aug 11, 2016
Really!! I'm 12 and mines only 2 inches erect
Is that small?
The average erect penis size for all males is 6 inches. Keep this in mind. You have many years to grow so do not worry about size at all. And down the road you might want to use one of those penis health cremes that are on the market nowadays. This will help improve skin texture, hygiene and function down there. These things are more important than size.. trust me. Good luck.
Answered Sep 28, 2016
Mine is 5 and a harf cm but all your guys dicks will grow at a different rate so don't be worried yours will grow big lit 8 inches
Answered Oct 10, 2016
i cant wait
I'm 12 my dick is 4inches soft 6.5 inches hard
Answered Dec 21, 2016
im 12 and I think alot of you are lying to yourselves
RAWR Dec 30, 2017
yeah..... im average and im half that size soo
3 inches hard
im also 12
mine is 2 soft and 5 hard

Answered Dec 25, 2016
dude now how big is it bcs im 12 and I got a 4 inch did your get bigger
kik Jul 12, 2017
@Kik did u hit puberty yet? (When u posted that comment)
Yo I'm 12 I have an average penis for my age 3 flaccid but I have pubes and I produce semen I've probably have been through puberty for the last half a year and I've had a wet dream, everyone grows at different rates I saw my m8 with a boner and tbf it was huge but don't be ashamed because everyone is different.
Answered Feb 06, 2017
im 12 and is it bad my first orgasim wen I was 9 is that bad?
RAWR Dec 30, 2017
no it's perfectly normal

When I was 11 my penis was 2" and 3" when hard. best thing to know is you don't really get into this stuff right now I'm 18 and I've already had sex twice and now it's about 6" when hard and my girl was like whoa! Don't worry about it now you should worry about when your 14 like bridge said in heartbreak comment the most length then would be 7" you guys are ok
Answered Mar 14, 2017
thanks dude I got a 4 inch soo I will have a 8inch right
kik Jul 12, 2017
I am not lieing about third but my dick his 4 soft 5inch hard 12 years old couple months away from 13 years old
Answered Mar 14, 2017
I'm 12 mines 5in soft 7 hard is that small or big??
Answered Jan 28, 2018
rare for a adult to have a 7 inch so I think your lying
Bruh, you're such a bad liar XD
I'm 12 yrs old and mine is 5 soft, and 6.5 hard
Answered Sep 25, 2018
Stop lying.
DanielYerr69. this is normal for some races and nationalities. I too am a similar size so please don't judge and assume.

uwu fight me
uwu Jun 24, 2019
Mine is 1 soft and 3.5 hard us that ok
Answered Dec 03, 2018
how old r u

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