Why on earth my ex love showed up in my dream?

I am happily married and he is happily married too , we haven't seen each other in so long and just yesterday he decided to show up, him his wife and his in laws were sitting in the garden and I was with my mom walking, he saw me and left his seat and ignored his wife and his in-laws he was so happy to see me and hugged me and he started asking me about my life and job and what I am doing ,to be honest I was happy to see him but I was like that is awkward why would he do the hug in front of his wife who saw me and she was smiling at me and we waved at each other like the "hi" greeting lool "I know so messed up" but I wanted to run away because in the dream I knew I am married and I didn't want my mom to start questioning me about what happened

What does this mean?
Asked Mar 07, 2012
It means your mind was randomly scanning your memory and that's where it landed. Dreams are about the past. You can wear out a pair of shoes walking with you Mom in the garden and what you dreamed will never happen.
Answered Mar 08, 2012

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