Is it normal for teens to want to wear diapers?

I have twin daughters, aged sixteen. They are well behaved, and performing well in school, both keeping an A average in their classes. Recently they have broached the subject of diapers, and have asked to be allowed to spend their weekends at home wearing only diapers. I think it is a bit odd, but they seem sincere in their request. They have offered to perform household chores in exchange for diaper money in lieu of a standard allowance. Should I indulge them, or should I seek counseling for them?
Asked Mar 05, 2012
Edited Mar 05, 2012
Well I've done some research on these discussions. I've come up with 5 result's 1. It's a fetish 2. It's for closure 3. It's for comfort 4. It's a desire more emotionally. 5. It's from possible abuse. Although I found it's more common with girl's. It's also common with guy's. The most common group's are lesbian's and gay's. It's also a generational thing too. Stating more around 2000. but there's more data to understand in 2013 than their was in 2000 due to fear, humility and embarrassment. There's more voices today on the internet. It's a growing topic on tumbler Facebook and Twitter. On a scale 1 to 100 globally it's at 15% common with in the youth ages 16 to 28. Although I'm only speculating based on social media network's.
No it's not
Izzy I call horse shit! CCHSJCSHS12 is right with the facts and at least the facts are correct.
Ruuqo Mar 05, 2018
If they want to do it one weekend for laughs; fine. If they're talking about a lifestyle change, something's wrong. The object of parenting is to take children in diapers and turn them into responsible, self reliant adults. This sounds like the reverse. You must have asked why and the answer heavily rests on their reply.

Answered Mar 05, 2012
No something is not wrong maybe different I'm 16 and I like to wear diapers I get good grades in school be open maybe set up some ground rules
I'm curious to know what you decided to do. Diapers in and of themselves are pretty harmless, but it's probably worth making sure there's no medical issues going on.
Answered Apr 19, 2012
Your daughters certainly have issues.
Whilst doing this amongst their friends and peers could be quite fun and rebel-ish, asking your parents at that age about wearing nothing but diapers, is not normal.
Your girls either want to embarrass you, or have phsychological issues.
Answered Apr 20, 2012
What the hell are you talking about issues f**k no
Diapers are intended for children who are unable to control themselves well enough to make it to the bathroom in time. A sixteen year old who prefers that over using the toilet, has issues.
Rob Jun 23, 2013
@ Rob how about you shut up when you don't know what your talking about diapers are comfortable and soft there is nothing wrong with the and a lot of people feel more secure in diapers so shut up when you don't know what your talkin about
I really don't see the big deal in all of this. Diapers are just another type of undergarment. As long as they are behaved and doing what is expected of them what's the harm? This also gives you something you can take away for misbehaving.

If it were me I would ask questions in an open non judgmental way so I could better understand what they are going through and then set some basic rules for them to follow. See where it goes.

Good luck and consider yourself blessed to have two children that love you enough to be able to ask you hard or embarrassing questions.
Answered Aug 09, 2013
if teens want to wear diapers as a lifestyle its fine because teens think there very comfortable plus think about it if your not wearing diapers and you want to do something at a certain time and you cant go to the bathroom your going to end up messing your pants but if you are wearing diapers you can use the bathroom without going to the actual bathroom so you can do whatever you want at any time
Answered Jan 21, 2015

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