Is it possible to get pregnant 2 days after you period with unprotected sex?

Asked Feb 29, 2012
When you have unprotected sex, just assume you're trying to get pregnant on purpose. There's really no logic to making the choice to have unprotected sex, then panic afterwards. Be nicer to yourself and avoid the emotional roller coaster and fear.

Look into emergency contraception... like Plan B. If you determine that's an option for you, then you need to take it within 72 hours in order for it to be effective. You can get it at most pharmacies/drug stores in the US without a prescription.

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I forgot to say that whether or not a woman can get pregnant from having sex two days after her period ends depends on several factors like when she ovulates and how long the sperm survives in her body. It's possible. Just wait a few days after the encounter and take a test to know for sure.
Answered Feb 29, 2012
Edited Feb 29, 2012
Any time you have unprotected sex, it's possible to get pregnant. You should read the information on the web page below.

Planned Parenthood
Answered Feb 29, 2012
Anytime you have unprotected sex you run the risk of pregnancy. It is dangerous business, so you better get on the pill or use a condom. And make the guy use an antibacterial penis health creme as well. He can transfer bacteria to you during condom-less sex acts like oral etc. that can lead to odors or even an infection. Sorry to be such a downer, but sexual activity is not without its pitfalls. Hope this info helps and good luck.
Answered Jun 07, 2017

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