Pros and Cons of Radio throughout History?

im trying to do some work on radio and im trying to find pros and cons on radio from 1920 onwards. Please can someone help.
Asked Feb 28, 2012
Radio made some huge contributions to communications. Prior to radio, the only source of news was printed material and often people in rural areas didn't get the news for weeks or maybe even months. It also had a great influence on the entertainment industry. It was the first chance the general public got to hear the most popular musicians and comics of the day. In the 1940's and 1950's there were serialized radio shows like the sitcoms on TV today. That's where "soap operas" became popular. Fannie Brice did one called, "Baby Snooks" and there were mysteries like "The Shadow" and westerns like the "Lone Ranger."

Television took a lot of the popularity out of radio and relegated it to mostly drive-time entertainment. Then, tapes, CD and MP-3 technology eroded a big share of that. Today, most of the popularity of radio as an entertainment medium is gone.

It remains a vital part of communications within organizations like military, police, fire, rescue and other groups that have mobile employees with the need for immediate contact. It is also widely used for data transmission.

Answered Feb 28, 2012
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