How do I talk to people I don't know but want to get to know?

I am really shy around other people and I don't talk a lot. I want to but at the same time I don't because I'm also really self conshise. Once you actually get to know me I talk a lot and I'm fine with like txting people I wouldn't talk to but I don't know why. Last year almost everyone I didn't know thought I didn't talk at all or had never herd me talk. I've started to come out of my shell a little. I'm better than I was in 4th grade where I wouldn't even talk to my teachers. I'm in 6th grade now so there are a lot more people.
Asked Feb 27, 2012
There are some things you can do to help with starting conversation, but the reason you are shy is because of a lack of self confiedence. I used to have it a lot too and still do, but I have found certain things that have helped trememdously. You need to find activities that you are good at and that you like (besides video games, online games, etc.). For example, I took up roller skating about seven years ago, and have become quite good at it, and I really like it. At the skating rink, I fit in a lot more and it builds my social confidence. Another thing I do is bowling. I also like it a lot and I eventually began to fit into that setting as well, which has been building up my confidence level more.

If you have a problem talking to people face to face, but not when texting or online then that probably means that you are uncomfortable with your physical appearence or other factors. I have problems with that too. Face to face, sometimes it is hard for me to start a conversation or just talking at all, but online I have much less of a problem because people can't see me and it makes me more confident. I also have problems making conversation with people because I am afriad I will say something stupid. I have dyslexia and that sometimes can make it to where I know what I want to say but I can't put it into words. Sometimes I will just be talking normally and everything is fine and then all of a sudden I will stumble over what I am trying to say. You most likely don't have dyslexia but you may still be afriad of saying something that you will later regret. You may never totally eliminate this fear, but building your confidence level in almost any way you can will definately help.
Answered Feb 27, 2012
Edited Feb 28, 2012

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