Why am I so depressed all the time?

Hi. Im not even sure what to say right now so I guess I'll start with my problem. I'm 16 almost 17 I don't go to school and I dont have a job. I have major depression bipolar disorder, insomnia and social anxiety, which is why I don't go to school. I could never even muster up the courage to go cause everybody thought I was such a loser I would get the same looks everyday. Then I wasn't taking medication but now I am. Even though my pills are seeming to work which is why I'm here. I wake up extremely tired everyday thinking how much of a loser I am and how I should just put the gun to my head. My mom had slightly the same illnesses but all she does is beak at me for not being good enough and how my sister could do everything I couldn't. I have a stepfather who constantly yells at my mom and makes fun of her but of course I can't say anything cause he thinks I shouldn't have a day in anything. I only have a couple friends and I don't get out much, and being the person that I am I always compare myself to better people. I can't get over this I feel like I can't be a functioning member of society and that I'll always be loser. I'm about to get kicked out in more than a week and all I can think about is why they didn't just do it before. I just want help, I don't want to live on the street, I want to have a life but I'm so self-destructive that nobody wants anything to do with me. I've tried counciling also but there just a bunch of assholes who only care about their money and just sat there while I stared at them. I want help instead of being this dysfunctional loser. Last thing I'll add before I leave is that it really started to go downhill when one of my best friend died of ecstasy overdose. I still miss him and with his one year anniversary coming up I feel more useless than ever. The meds I am on are serequel XR and zopiclone
Asked Feb 26, 2012
If you consider counselors who can talk to you face-to-face a bunch of "assholes," what do you expect from anybody here? Until you're willing to accept the idea that this is your only life and you have to participate and make an effort, there's nothing anybody here can do for you. Your choices are to open your mind to the positive side or continue the misery. There are many people here willing to help but we don't do magic. Your first step is to realize that what will happen to you will be what you BELIEVE will happen. To change your situation, you have to get off the gloom and doom and at least give equal consideration to the bright side. You are, and will be who you BELIEVE you are.

Answered Feb 26, 2012
Thank you, I know what you mean. And sorry but councilers ARE just doin there job. They just don't help me the way I needed. I will try what you said day to day. I'm still trying right now but its just so hard when my depression and anxiety kicks in over fifty times a day.. Any more tips?
Please explain, "the way I needed." What do you think you need?
Rob Feb 27, 2012
I agree with Rob. You have to believe that you can make something of your life. In my personal opinion, no one is a dysfunctional loser period. You need to make an effort to help yourself. There are some counsilers that don't care and just want to make money. But a lot of them are willing to help you and want to help you. What you need is to get a counsiler, psychiatrist, therapist, etc. and let him/her try to help you. The drugs you are on will help very little. They will give some relief, but they avoid the actual problems. You need to make an effort to help yourself. There are many other people worse off than you mentally having good lives. Look at me. I have two learning disabilities, am often considered a nerd, and I think I might have something else wrong with my head as well. But what do I care what other people think or what disabilities I have? I can still be successful in life, I can still make something of myself, and there is no reason why you can't.
Answered Feb 26, 2012
it seems like you are missing your friend so badly that you are depressed
is that right
Answered Jan 10, 2013
think about it that why your in this world? ten you will be fine
Answered Apr 12, 2014
by ten I meant then

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