How can I lose fat without my parents knowing

I am 12 years old and weigh 92lbs. I am very active but I can't get rid of the fat. How do I do that without my parents knowing?
Asked Feb 26, 2012
Include your parents and your doctor in this. Ask your doctor if you are a healthy weight for your height, bone structure, and ethnicity. If you aren't, then discuss healthy weight loss options and ask your parents for their support in making healthier food options available to you.

Hiding would mean lying and skipping meals, etc... and any time you do that with food/eating you run the risk of sliding down that slippery slope of distorted body image and disordered eating. What you are describing does not sound like a smart choice.

... and in general... I've learned the hard way... that anything that I want to do that I feel I need to hide from the people closest to me almost always turns out to be the wrong choice.
Answered Feb 26, 2012
Edited Feb 26, 2012
Im 13 and I just said that I want to be healthier so my mum let me aviod the fatty foods . For exersize I reccomend dancing for about an hour and different stretches , they really helped me lose a stone in a few months . Just dont rush because it wont help and youll gradually see reasults . hope my advice helped ^_^
Answered Feb 11, 2013

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